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Creating a member system

How do you create a member system? I know. I'm an idiot but you'll just have to put up with me. Rolling Eyes
Learn php and mysql. Thats probly the best way. If i was to emplain it here in the post it would be a long time. Look for tutorials. Google it!!

Use that tutorial.

Its easy for your skill also read comments so you can learn!
Thank you guys i have a book on PHP 5/MySQL but i'm not learning much from it. Sad
Nae_splash wrote:
Thank you guys i have a book on PHP 5/MySQL but i'm not learning much from it. Sad

Send me it. I would love it Razz
Heh I would but my Dad would be sooo mad if i sold that book that he bought me for christmas.
Where he get it from?
A good book on PHP/MySQL is this one:
He got it from i believe. The title is

PHP 5/MySQL for the absolute beginner. It's by Andy Harris if I'm not mistaken. Very Happy
I think the best way is to make a database and use the information from it to develop a user login system that personalises a page for the user to view.
I, in fact, just created a user registration page and login script yesterday. It uses Session ID and execution and is VERY simple. If you need a person to work with you step-by-step and strip the code down and explain with you then I am more than happy to help you out. Just PM me.
If you don't have a server or free-host such as this, then I have one where I can give you ftp credentials and an area to make a yeah, if you ever need help just PM me and I'd be more than happy to help.
PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites

I'm currently reading that, and it tells you how to create a member system, and it explains everything easily.

I find books are easier to learn from, then online resources.

ohmsford, ou really shouldn't talk about 'services' such as that.
It could get you banned Sad no matter how good your intentins are
I have been using a combination of resources for learning PHP and MySQL. There are a lot of sites out there that are dedicated to learning PHP some are:

There are a lot more out there these are the ones that I started with then I found more as I learned more. Some great books out there are PHP 5 Power programming, Core PHP, and PH in a Nutshell.

Good Luck
I learned php from this online Practical PHP Programming. It has since been turned into a wiki at

A word of warning about the book that you have and some others that you will find on the internet. Your book is written for the latest version of PHP - PHP 5. If you host your website on FriHost, you will be using PHP 4.4. Although PHP 4.4 is still a very capable version of the language, there are some differences. Some of the built-in functions referred to in these newer books may not exist yet in PHP 4.4, making the test scripts not run properly.

For example, the mysql improved extension (mysqli object and related functions) was only implemented in PHP 5. Newer books are likely to use this as a method of interacting with the mySQL database, whereas an older book (like the Hudzilla one I used) uses the older functions compatible with PHP 4. So just beware of those possible complications... =)

As for a members system, you will need to know a decent amount of PHP/mySQL to make it function properly. I'll give a short, plain-text explanation below, and it will be up to you to fill in the actual code gaps. Of course, when you come up against problems, we're here on the forums to help.

First, you need a database with user information. At a minimum, you need a username and a password to be stored in the database.

Second, you need a form to accept log-in information. The user will get to the log-in form and enter his or her username and password.

Third, you need a log-in script (php) to handle this form. It will go to the database and look up the username entered and retrieve the correct password. Then, it will compare the database password to the password entered on the form. If these match, you set a $_SESSION variable (which will follow the user to every page, as long as he doesn't close his browser) that lets the server know he is logged in and is authorized to access the page.

Finally, on each password-protected page, you add a php snippet at the top that checks to see if the user is logged in (based on that $_SESSION variable). If he is, he can view the site. If he is not, you will need to send him back to the log-in page (Hint: At this point, you will need to use the header() function).

Anyhow, that's about all there is to it... in plains terms at least. Now go find some tutorials, or read through your book, and get going!

Good luck,
- Walkere
thanks everyone. Smile

where can I download php scripts for login system? (I want to do this because I am not expert in php programming Sad )

its now a download its a tutorial / copy and paster.
DanielXP wrote:

its now a download its a tutorial / copy and paster.

This is a realy easy-to-follow script that gives you alittle more then just a register/login.. but it is something to work with.. since it's not likely that you are happy with just this.. for example is there no "I forgot my password" function with it.. and imo that's a must for all registration.. working on writing one right now.. I'll post it here if I get it to work the way it's suposed to..
Also if you do code a forgot password feature.. u mind register on there and posting it in the 'PHP - User System' section please.

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