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Comics that have changed your life

Here is the original article.

For people that don't want to click the author listed the following comics as books that have changed her life. It's actually an interesting read, but will list them anyway.


Bomb Scare
Heavy Liquid/100%
Diary of a Teenage Girl
Blue Monday
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron
Fortune and Glory
Love And Rockets
Zippy The Pinhead
Usabi Yojimbo
Fantastic Four

Personally I have read very few off them (Bold in the above quote), but it raised an interesting point, have their been and comics/graphic novels that after reading them it has in someway changed your life?

Only one I would say has had any impact on was was Transmetropolitan (and incidently I can't find a topic on this on here, if there is could someone link me before I start one Smile ).

If you're not read it I would advise it, after reading it I started to take an interest in what is going on in the world around me, I became aware of how politics affects my life, how it affects others, and more aware of what was going on around the world in general.

Why? Because the book made me question things. I've sat back and bitched about the government before, commented on things that they're not done or should have done. But the book highlights a strong point, they only have that power because we gave them it, our apathy is the only thing that stops it changing.

I've not become a terrorist, or a free lance journalist using his "Chairleg of truth" to find out what's going on, but it has changed me in a sense that I decided to make myself more aware.

So yea, anyone got any other stories to share?
Hi there,

Sin City

These three comics gave me quiet an enjoyable time and once in a while i find myself reading some stories again. I like Frank Miller a lot and i also like Marvel stuff.

Of course Manga has a special magic but i think thats not the topic here

Stay cool.
Hana Kimi
Cardcaptor Sakura
Ouran High School Host Club

such comics have left me daydreaming whether such stuffs exists.
Lol. (I'm such a deluded fangirl)
The comic that initially changed my life is... After Eden by Arnold Arre.

How life can be simple and yet be complicated at the same time while growing up. Wink
I think the comic that had the most influence on me was Dominic Deegan Smile

I was going through a time of lack of faith in the thought of Good, and... that comic made me relate the events to real life things and how bad bad thing are, and what good good things do.
Since Manga are comics (inspite of what some elitist Otaku would want you to thing) I would have to go with Ichigo 100% just because it was the first manga that caught my interest (not because I was and Ichitard) and showed me the literary depths of manga.

Also I guess I should mention a little serialized comic I read in Heavy Metal Magazine back in the late 70's called Tex Arcana that for some reason stayed with me to the point that I chose it as a screen name (the fact that I'm a Pagan Witch living in Texas had nothing to do with it).

Here's the good part. You can still read Tex Arcana for free and online (no hunting up decades old issues of Heavy Metal) at:
slamdunk! i start playing basketball bcoz of this manga. this manga had inspire me a lot. I learned some techniques from it. Y i like this manga bcoz it is so good and funny. i read it about 10yrs ago and by now i will still wan to read it. I think i had read this manga about 30 times. Razz i am a kind of otaku i think. haha
2 mangas changed my life: i discoverd manga with them, and I began to draw thanks to them
They are Card captor sakura and Gundam wing
Sakura made me discover Clamp: their style, their technics and the beauty of their pics. Sakura was one of the first character I tried to dreaw.

Gundam Wing was the first manga anime that was diffused on the afternoon by the french TV. I became a fan immediately: it made me discover plenty of things about the fan world: fanfics, fan arts....

I discovered manga and drawing became my passion because I saw those animes.
If i say comics, i would say Batman, i really like the detectives ones.

If i have to say manga, it would be love hina, i love this series, it was my first manga buyed, and i keep it in the best shape possible.
I guess Naruto Anime change my life by making me read more Manga and watching more Anime. I was using character Kakashi as my avatar for Yahoo messenger long before I started watching or reading Manga and Anime. Someone had pointed this character is from Manga called Naruto so it got me curious. At end I have become an Manga fan. xD
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