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is it ok to break traditions

what you think about "breaking traditions"? We have different traditions and trying keep them... but if some of them are terrible or not so good?
example: I've read that in some tribe if someone did u something bad so you should revenge to your offender from generation to generation /it's such tradition/
i know some traditions are against our health... (i live in country where it happens... especially for women who just gave baby)...
so if we can break traditions? if they are really so important?
traditions are nice, but as you say generally are good for cermoneal thngs as they beomce impractical after a while, paying tpo tribute to the past, and besides if you dont break ol traditions how willnew ones start.
Traditions which are harmful to need to be broken.
It depends on the tradition I suppose. If you have a tradition of something like Christmas with your family every year, you could break it, but would it be something that's in your best interest? If it's something harmful to your health or something that just doesn't make sense anymore, what's the point of keeping the tradition? In that case I think it's in your better intrest to break it...
It's your own decision whether you break them or not. I rarely do something against traditions... But - as said before, Traditions which are harmful to need to be broken.
My fiance and I are getting married in May.

We are essentially NOT having a traditional wedding. My sister also had her wedding early last year and broke every tradition she possibly could, ie. the wedding was in casual clothes on the beach in bare feet. They did the Chicken Dance for the 'bridal march'.

But my fiance and I are doing away with the superstitious/pointless traditions such as not seeing the Bride before the wedding on the day, me not seeing her dress early (I was there when she bought it). We're having it in a garden, not in a church. We've also got a surprise when it comes time for the bridal waltz but since nobody at all knows what we're going to do except us I'm not gonna tell you :p.

Some traditions can be broken in good faith. I'll quote Futurama: "Once invoked, the ancient rite of Clawplacque cannot be withdrawn! It is only a young tradition, only 18 years old, but a tradition nonetheless!"

Some traditions were brought up out of superstitious beliefs, such as through salt over your shoulders, knocking on wood, etc. Essentially, a lot of traditions brought up out of superstition are relevant to good luck and bad luck, and are a personal thing. I myself go out of my way to break these traditions as often as the opportunity arises (eg. I always walk under ladders).

As far as family traditions, community, cultural, etc., are concerned, do you have a problem with breaking them? For the most part, if you break one of those types of traditions by accident, it's not a big deal. Breaking a tradition which has significance of a religious nature is generally going to get people upset with you.

And some traditions can be good for getting people together, such as the family dinner at Christmas. Of course, sometimes those conflicts can cause strife if there is bad blood, but we can always hope otherwise Smile
I guess so its your own choice. Like hmmm if its tradition to smack the bride at the weding(example) and you decide not to do it your family might get mad but its your own choice.
Traditions are carried forward from generation to generation without thinking whether they are suitable for this era. So many of them are there that one feels suffocated. Old people hate change and if someone younger tries something different they just go crazy and declare her/him as a sinful person. Most of the traditions have discouraged freedom for women for being women. Only word I can think of for such traditions is 'discrimination'.
Traditions are ok as long as they are harmless. New Years Eve is not harmless!! (though it's nice) I wouldn't care much if we broke that tradition.
Nietzsche's 'overman' does not do anything unless he proves it is morally correct with his own conscience. This includes traditions and new things together. If you deem something immoral or redundant by yourself, then do not do it. However, you must be very sure that something has no use; traditions can always have powerful emotional uses.
I'd like to think that a tradition that is unethical would easily be frowned upon by this day and age. However, that's not always the case. I mean, there are still traditions around the world that could involve sacrificing animals or torturing people. The concept of wrong is something that some people just can't get through their heads. Also, because of tradition, people can be limited by their pursuits. Look at some of the great modern advances we've achieved. The hot button topic is Stem Cell Research. This can go a long way towards curing as of now uncureable diseases. However, people believe that those who don't want a traditional birth and want to get an abortion are evil, and certainly untraditional. This can be directly linked towards not being able to curing, say, AIDS. People think such things are wrong because it doesn't follow, say, religious tradition. However, what's stopping the traditions from being wrong? This leads to my Opinion Theory, which I doubt anyone wants to hear about... >.>
I think "harmless" is a somewhat arbitrary statement... but I won't go off on that.

A lot of human traditions originate in times when human beings simply understood the world in completely different ways. A tradition that reflects an old view (for example, the idea of the earth as a great disc suspended upon the cosmic sea, with heaven overhead and the underworld below) is usually not going to be effective for a modenr person in the same way it was effective for those who originated the tradition. If old customs simply don't jive with our modern understandings then they cease to speak to our souls. Traditions are really just ways to guide growth, particularly inward growth. We're smart enough today, I think, to invent a few new kinds of fertilizer.
Fright Knight
woundedhealer wrote:
Traditions which are harmful to need to be broken.

True. Not all traditions are good to our modern life. Some of it might ruin our lives. But most traditions are good. In other words, throw the bad ones and retain the good ones.
If you ever have a special situation, in which you can't do a tradition, you shouldn't do it. If you ever think about traditions, think about how it was created. Anyway, if its a tradition that affects your health, try to stay away from it, as much as you can.(Its better to be safe, than sorry.)
If you can't explain to yourself why you do something tradition related (ie the history behind it) then you should give it up. That's a little simplified, but that's generally what I follow (for important tradition, and some things that are almost more habit than tradition).
The real question is, why should you stick to traditions? Following a tradition just because it's a tradition is stupid - You should really be weighing up the pros and cons of the tradition ('but we've always xyz' is not a pro) and deciding yourself whether it is worth following the tradition or not.
I think it is good to create your own traditions and to put a new spin on the old ones. Make them your own. Everyone has their traditions that they follow wheter its religous or simple family traditions or traditions with friends. I think its ok to change them.
Nameless wrote:
The real question is, why should you stick to traditions? Following a tradition just because it's a tradition is stupid - You should really be weighing up the pros and cons of the tradition ('but we've always xyz' is not a pro) and deciding yourself whether it is worth following the tradition or not.

While in a way I agree with you - I think it's best that people accept their individuality and follow their hearts in the end - I think there's definitely a danger of throwing out the baby with the bathwater here. Some traditions, like I said before, are based on notions that are totally out of touch with our modern world, and that makes them basically irrelevant to us. But some speak to those parts of a person that are constant in every human being, which don't change, like the experience of maturing and dying or the mystery of existence itself. Those traditions, I think, can help anyone with an open mind come to a better understanding of themself, and insofar as that helps a person find a way to be healthy and balanced, the tradition is good. Basically, while I do think traditions need to be re-evaluated, I also think that one should be very careful in rejecting things which have existed for generations.
What is the point of Traditions, when it comes down to it... is it to try and get a group of people to all follow the same ideals? since a lot of them are (I would assume) religious based, is it just some form of moral / social control?
Mordane wrote:
What is the point of Traditions, when it comes down to it... is it to try and get a group of people to all follow the same ideals? since a lot of them are (I would assume) religious based, is it just some form of moral / social control?

Without social control, though, there would be a breakdown of moral values. It's how much and what kind that are the problems.
You've analyse this question quite rationally, i agree with you. Some bad traditions are really necessary to be breaken, and the good one need us to hand down.
Well.. as you know, tradition is very important and worth for us.
I think... our life style is very different between now and past. Some tradition have been kept and some one have not.. If tradition is not harmful to others then it's O.K...
Firstly, lets get what a tradition is

tra·di·tion (trə-dĭsh'ən)
  1. The passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation, especially by oral communication.
  2. A time-honored practice or set of such practices.

So in short traditions are practices that have been carried out for years. So u getting up and doing an X thing daily, goes into ur tradition maybe which ur kids will also follow.

So there is hard and fast rule as to things have to be done this way, bcos it the tradition.

Frankly, I don't believe in all tradition and stuff, If i want to do it, I will do it the way i want to, and in my small life of 20 years I have broken a lot of traditions and also been able to get some going in the locality Razz

And until u break the old ones how are you going to make new one, and if new ones are not formed, and how will the society progress!!!
what's the problem if we break the traditions ?? i dont see any. What i think is, we need to keep those traditions that have long long history but at the same time, making them suit the present situations. For example, like recent years, e-cards are so popular and convienent. We keep the tradition of sending like Christmas cards to friends and relatives, but not the real card anymore. That's what i wanna try to say. We are not completely breaking the traditions, but modifying them.
i think it's fine to break traditions, it is not we're gonna break it and change it into something new but during time to time the tradition itself must cooperate to modernize. it's impossible to live only depends on old ones.
If something is retained just because "lol it's tradition" then it really doesn't have any justification at all.

If it serves a positive purpose, no matter how small, it may be worth retaining.
Its essential to 'break traditions' for the world to move forward. Otherwise we would always be going backwards. Thos who try to grasp old time beliefs are living in the past!
The future is us all being one community of people, the more people hold their old beliefs the more we fight the future. Or so I believe
Being bound to a tradition isn't good.
But generally it's what you think about that tradition, if it's a parent/child tradition, what harm can come from that. But if it's passed down from generation, lot of harm can become apparent.
Nameless wrote:
The real question is, why should you stick to traditions? Following a tradition just because it's a tradition is stupid - You should really be weighing up the pros and cons of the tradition ('but we've always xyz' is not a pro) and deciding yourself whether it is worth following the tradition or not.

It's because not as many people are as smart as you.
Hate all stupid, boooring traditions here. Like... 1 tradition is nice... the rest is crap.
I think in some sense it can be wrong but in another point of view you may have to do it . I think it depends on how religious etc you are, if your not very highly respectable of your faith i dont think you would go as far as to mind about a break in a tradition but i think elders and more faithfull people tend to care more about it cos theyve been following it their full lifes
There are some good traditionals , and there are other bad and stupid , I against the bad & stupid ones ......
Many traditions have been abolished over the years because of the reasons your asking for... if any tradition harms another person or yourself, then it should be abolished. No one, no matter on what they have done, should be hurt for any reason,,, but of course, I believe in an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,,, course,,, ive never practiced that tradition either... so, i cant say I believe in it anymore...
Zug Zug
I like some traditions: such as when someone has a birthday (in my family) we cook breakfast, open presants, and allow THEM to decide how the rest of the day will go. Also another one I like is called Goulash- every sunday night we eat a dish of our heritage-( it's called Goulash since that was the first dish we prepared for this tradition that started six years ago ^_^ and hasn't been broken since. ) It's just a fun time for our family to get together and have fun. We also play Bocce Ball afterwards ^_^ that gets interesting. Anywhoo some tradtions are fun.

Yet other traditions that are harmful to other persons should be stopped. Otherwise I'm all for it ^_^
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