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Linux & Dell C-610 Laptop. Please find me a fan driver.

When I first got my Dell C-610 laptop (A cheap factory-refurbished deal), I installed SuSE linux 9.2, but even before it was finished installing, the laptop overheated and the hard-drive was broken by the high temperatures. Luckily, it was still under warranty. Since then I've gotten by with windows XP, but I've decided I'd like to make another attempt to put linux on it.

I suspect it overheats when running linux because the fan is software-controlled (@Dell: Why did it have to be!?!), and because SuSE doesn't have a driver to control the fan, which means that the fan never turns on, which means the heat builds up badly.

When running linux the laptop becomes very, very hot (Much hotter than it does when running windows).
Eventually the hard-drive stopped working (Which I expect was because of the heat.)

As far as I can tell, there is no solution to this problem, and the Latitude C-610 has been more or less labeled as incompatible with linux. despite all my searching, I can only find other people complaining about the same problem, and never a solution offered.

So, I'm calling upon the Frihost community to help find the solution.
If anybody can find a solution for this (As defined as me using that solution and noticing the fan turning on, and the absence of overheating, while running linux), I would greatly appreciate it (As defined as me giving whoever gives me the proper solution 1000frih$ and a year's worth of advertising space in my sig for free).

A unique tag which will allow me to easily find this thread again:
Since you are advertising money as a reward (or Frih$, excuse me.) why not post in marketplace? Come now, i know you know better than that.

Also, did you try petitoning on a linux forum for someone to make you one? Alot of laptop hardware doesnt have a driver for linux, but one can be made from the windows counterpart.

EDIT: Also, would you mind giving me the name of the fan? Dell usually makes their own stuff, however on a refurbished piece you may have a non-factory fan. If nothing else It would help to know the model of the fan so I can work on getting drivers for it.

Also, if you could find a duplicate of the windows driver for me, that would help.
This page:
Offers a piece of software that includes the driver.
Although I don't require it, it would be great if this entire software was ported to linux.
The fan driver is included in the install file, so if you don't want to install the stuff, you can get the driver from this link:
As for Dell's original driver, I doubt I could find that.
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