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French Que.

Friends from the French Forum:
What does "poil to the bec" mean as general expression ('to' and 'the' are English, 'poil' and 'bec' are French).
I heard this in a song by I can't remember who, but he wrote the song in part English, part French and I've been able to decipher the song except for this line, "poil to the bec".
Any suggestion, phrases, idioms are helpful.
Thank you,
Isn't it a great song of Renaud Séchan, entitled It is not because you are ?

In this song Renaud uses a mix of English with French called the Franglais. It had a humoristic tone on the song.

In france, I think that there is a child song exists and it uses rhymes in a humoristic way. I don't exactly remember the lyrics but the rhymes are like :

Il a des boutons (He has spots)
Poil au menton (hairs on the chin)

It's a popular game for the children because they use that as an insult but it's not chocking Razz So that's a child insult, they just make fun.

You can found another example here.

I hope I helped you, if not, just precise a bit your request Wink

Edit : Bec means mouth in a familiar vocabulary Wink In fact the "bec" the the word for nozzle in english Wink
That's the song! Thanks Frenetik.
You're welcome. I hope I explained you clearly what's the origin of that word or expression Wink
Maybe you should also have precised why the song was written half french half english. It was a way to ridicule some french rock singer who thought that there songs would sound better in english (which might be true). Anyway the song itself is ridicule (the story) and the result of the mix hilarious.
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