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Where do you want to go in the ancient world?

Fright Knight
It's a question that I really wanted to ask.

For me, I will go to ancient Egypt and watch them build and astound the world with their pyramids and their advanced technologies of their time. I also heard that back in ancient time, Egyptians are already practicing head surgery. (wow can you believe that).

Another place to go in the ancient world would be China and the building of its empire. I wanted to go inside the tomb of its first emperor and see how great really is the tomb (which they say that it has flowing rivers of mercury). I wanted to know the exact details of how he conquered and unite ancient china.
I would be in in Greece, Athens. And be a very good athlete and at the same time philosopher.
I've always wanted to go to Egypt because of the pyramids. They really astound me on how people back then could build such monuments.

China seems an amazing place to go. The vast mountain ranges would be very breathtaking and I hope that sometime in the future I can secure my finances and eventually travel to one of these places. =]
I'm obsessed by the greek culture, they did so much great things. I would go to Greece back in the old days Razz
I would go and verify the account of Jesus' death and resurrection so that when I returned I could put all claims that it never happened to rest.
pronbably ancient greece and conquer all the city-staes and pretty much own Smile
I want to go to Egypt, South America, China, and Japan. I'm interested in their ancient place and culture. In Ancient Egypt, I want to know more about their myth, so I'll go to the temple and see what they do there. Also, I want to see Cleopatra too. In Ancient South America, I want to see Maya and Inca place. In Ancient China, I will go to the emperor's palace and take some picture. In Ancient Japan, there are many things that I want to see.
I would probably go to China and Japan because after all Chinese are one of the first people to devolp writting. Japan is just awsome in ancient times. I would also probably go visit South america to see Giza being constructed. Not really Egypts pyramids because they took hundreds of years to build.
I would go back to Celtic Britain. I'm passionate about this era. There's not a lot known about it because it had an oral tradition. I'd study in a Druid House.
It would be so hard to chose.

Golden Age of the Netherlands.
Discovery of the East.
Discovery of the New World.
Napoleonic Era.
Both World Wars.

Too many options. :(
i'd pick.....
midevil times!
because they rocked!
Most likely old Wales or Britain, just to witness the saxon invasions and the roman withdrawl. (possibly confirm the existance of King Arther)
i still think midevil was the best.
arowphin wrote:
i still think midevil was the best.
That my friend, is not a place. It is a timeperiod, and the time period of the thread was ANCIENT already. If you wan't to make a thread on midevil periods, do it, don't spam for points. Aside from that, yes, we are fully aware you think midevil was the best, you said that already.
here is my list :
el amien
south America
{name here}
The Roman Empire at the time of the rule of Augustus, or Greece. Anywhere before the collapse of Rome would probably be fine with me. I'd rather not be ending up in the hell of the Medieval period countries(aristocracy, bad hygiene, the plague, illiteracy, general stupidity of people such as bathing in the same river that others have defecated in, the frowning down upon of questioning the world around us).
I would pick ancient greek aswell.

First thing what I would like to see, is the war between Persia and Greek cities. Even thou I bet that after seeing the war, I would like to forget it allready, as from what Ive readed from books, it was mindblasting and infernal.
I have no idea, but I would like to see all places really, when they had something going on that is big for the history. But I don't want to be hurted, and I'll tell you how. I also would like to visit Germany during Hitler, even how much I may cry over their crulety and such, but I don't want to die just because I want to see. The same goes to all the other places I want to go. I would like to visit china while one of their emperors ruled, always forgeting their name, I also want to see Cleopatra, Henrik the eight, Jeane of ark (I suck at names, I know). I want to see most things that was going on in the past. The vikings, cowboys, indians, wars... I have such a big list that I don't know half ot it.
i would like to go to ancient babylon amongst the chaldeans to learn how the ancient mystics and priests influenced and thus ruled the then greatest government the world had ever seen.
darknight985 wrote:
pronbably ancient greece and conquer all the city-staes and pretty much own Smile

What makes you think that as soon as you go there, people will simply surrender to you their power? You had better plan on bringing some piece of technology to astound them; then they might even make you their God! Very Happy
I would love to go to ancient Britain, and find out the truth behind the King Arthur legends.

There is quite a lot of debate to be found on the subject of who King Arthur really was, how much the legends are based on actual history, and of course, where he was buried. I've always been fascinated by medieval history and folk tales.

And of course, who wouldn't want to see what ancient Egypt was really like?

Oh, here's another good one: I'd love to see the great temple Angkor Wat in Cambodia when it was all shiny and new. It's still an astonishing piece of architecture, but it must have been almost unbearably lovely when it was first built in the 12th century.
I would like to visit the Library of Alexandria before it was destroyed (assuming I could read all of the ancient Greek, Latin and Egyptian texts and scrolls)
For me it would be the Chaco Canyon Anasazi settlement around the turn 1000AD. Sound boring? Yeah, it is not an earth shattering moment, or a turning point in human history, but it is a time and place that I would love to experience.

The Anasazi's built a number of huge pueblos there, with roughly 700 rooms in the largest. It's been suggested that they traded as far away as California and Meso-America. It was a major center for them and I just would love to experience the day to day life there.
I would love to unravel the mystery behind Stonehedge and see Angkor Wat. (did I spell that/those right?)
The place that would be of great interest for me personally would be ancient Greece with their different cities and their so far evolved culture. From philosophy to geometry to democracy, the Greek invented or developed it.
Athens is dirty, Crete on the other hand is beutiful. When I see Athens I think... Turkey, but Crete has a more classic-greek look. Don't go to Athens. Wink
I'd got chat it up with Socrates, then chill out with Marcus Aurelius.

I'd also bring,

6x Armored Trucks w/ Supplies
200x Armored Guard
10x Mortar Tubes
2x Hellicopters
4x Machinegun-Mounted Jeeps

Among various other self-preserving technologies, becuase you just never know what your gonna run into.
I'd like to stay right where I am and go back about a thousand years... I'd like to see what it was like before we polluted the water and cut down the trees and drove off the animals. I'd like to meet some of the old growth that stood here.

Then again, Madagascar would be pretty interesting in its pristine state as well. Then again, I could probably see a real live Thylacine if I went to New Zealand...
eggg wrote:
...Then again, I could probably see a real live Thylacine if I went to New Zealand...

That would be pretty amazing. But you wouldn't have to travel to the "Ancient World" to see them, only a 100 years for so should do it. Sad
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Not really all that ancient (in comparison to lots of other civs), but I would love to see Easter Island at the time when its culture was flourishing and the Moai were still being built/maintained. I would also love to see any of the Classic Maya cities before they were abandoned.

Also, it's not a really well-known monument/city... but I would love to go back to the time when Aztalan was in use and find out about the people that built it. I feel some affinity for this ruin because it's relatively unknown and it's close to where I live. I can go there and spend hours wandering around the mounds and stockades, so it would be fascinating to find out what life was like when it was first built.
arakavaz wrote:
I just saw the movie 300. It was really amazing and wonderful to see so much action in such a great film. It tells a lot about the persian empire and whatnot, very interesting.

I highly recommend it.

I seriously doubt 300 would qualify as a good source on the persian empire. After all it is based on a graphic novel, I don't know how much research Frank Miller put into that novel. And what the creators of 300 changed in that story again.

If you liked the movie, go read the history books to see what is real and what is false. :wink:
Alex Is Mental
I would like to go to Ancient China and see all the cool weapons they had there.

My main reason for this is because I have been playing too much Dynasty Warriors and watching "Top 10 Kung-Fu weapons".

arakavaz wrote:
I just saw the movie 300. It was really amazing and wonderful to see so much action in such a great film. It tells a lot about the persian empire and whatnot, very interesting.

I highly recommend it.

My Greek teacher has seen this, and said that there were a lot of factual errors in it.

Sharpe wrote:
I seriously doubt 300 would qualify as a good source on the persian empire. After all it is based on a graphic novel, I don't know how much research Frank Miller put into that novel. And what the creators of 300 changed in that story again.

If you liked the movie, go read the history books to see what is real and what is false. Wink

Yep, that's the best idea Smile
I would love to go to Rome at the time that Caesar was killed.
Just to stop the attack or warn caesar for it, like cassandra did Razz

I would also love to become a free mason so somewhere around 1300
tons of places I'd like to visit, but have to agree with some people, that the druids are facinating, and I'll most likley get my ass across the sea and find out what realy happend, if the existed, how they lived and what they where like. Personally experience this would be great Smile

But also, see the pyramids get built. Yes there are alot of facts to read about the old egypts, but still, to see it, how they built their first pyramid, compare that to the last one they built.. how they improved in skills, making the work faster/safer/better..
Alexandria, definitely. The library, the light-house, amongst other things.

Basically, Alexandria rocks a lot, and I'd love to be able to visit ancient Alexandria.
Fright Knight
I'll go and fight as a spartan at the Battle of Thermopylae. I want to experience fighting against a massive invading machine with only a few thousands of you defending the passage. wow. hehe.
The harrapa culture and ancient greece
Oh, and since I just finished watching 300, I want to be able to go to former Greek battlegrounds. It would be nice to even watch actual battles (from the sidelines, of course) or watch political debates in Sparta or Athens.
That's an interesting question.

In the future that we travel the time, I will go back to :

- Mecca (to verify/meet prophet Muhammad)
- Palestine (to verify/meet Jesus)
- China (to visit shaolin temple and emperor palace)
- USA (to meet cowboys)
- Egypt (to visit 'new pyramid')

Thanks a lot.
arakavaz wrote:
I just saw the movie 300. It was really amazing and wonderful to see so much action in such a great film. It tells a lot about the persian empire and whatnot, very interesting.

I highly recommend it.

i watched it sometime during feb and i really really LOVED it ^.^ i just dont like some of the *ahem* scenes. but really good movie ^.^
and to answer the question, i would really go to ancient europe. not sure which one there but i do love sparta and athens. ^.^ and ancient greek, ancient rome and all those lovely cities in europe. Egypt is a really nice place to look into also when youre in ancient times ^.^ its really amazing how they build everything and have so much gold Razz

so all in all,
ancient europe
ancient egypt

There are so many places in the ancient world which are interesting like egypt , rome, greece, persia, etc.
I go back to the romin empire when it was since im italian it be cool to see how they did things andlearnmore about them
Japan in the 16th/17th centuries. Just to hang out with Musashi.
I want to go back to the very start of China, hmm not Qin dynasty, many people mistakenly think that is the first dynasty, but its not.

China have a long history, 4000 years? just study it will be long enough for me.

Xia dynasty, I want to see what the people is like

Shang dynasty, I want to see their use of turtle bone for writing and the last king, how he ruin the world. Also how citizen of the Shang dynasty is good at trading, earning them the title of shang (mean trade in chinese)

Zhou dynasty, I first want to meet my ancestor the 2nd emperoro of the dynasty. Also see how they use "Respect, Music and Worship" to united all people even though they have different language and culture, establishing the best dynasty of China, lasting the longest (around 800 years) without much problems and revolt. See how feuderalism fail by dividing too much land among too much people and cause the Waring State Time period.

Qin dynasty, I want to see how the Qin Emperor united all 6 warring nation, developiong new strategies, new weapons, use of gun powder, flame flower among nations... united all language, standlize money, measure unit... Building the amazing Great Wall of China, and also his tomb, with river flow of Mercury. Seeing Qin's men land on Japan and form a society there because they fear if they go back to the mainland without the immortal medicine, they going to be kill

Han dynasty, I want to see the great battle between Lou Ban and Han Yu. And also the 3 basic law the Lou Ban establish and earn him loving of the citizen.

Three Kingdom, too much to see... all the strategies used during that time. The nice fighting style of all generals, Wa Tou's magical healing methods...

Jin dynasty, really want to know what they are about, lol. Know nothing about them.

Then yeh, Southern and Northern dynasties and also Sui dynasty. No clue what they are about, need to spend more time on those. Well, if I can travel back in time, I am unlimit time, lol.

Tang dynasty, find out why we call ourself the Tang people / the Han people... there must be a reason. And also, I think "Jourmey to the West" took place during that time. Got to see Monkey King, lol.

Five dynasty , ten dynasty... what are they about?

Song Dynasty, of course, I have to visit there. 3 of Jinyong's novels written to take place there. Of course I have to see all those kung fu fighting, also people being hero recuing China, defending against the barbarians...

Liao, Western Xia nation yup, a must to visit. Two of Jingyong's novel's hero live there.

Jin Dynasty, Chinese's Enemy... I think

Yuan dynasty, Mongolian... took over China. Well, i have to give credit to them defeating Gou Chian, one of JingYong's most beloved hero. And also conquer all the way to Europe. Too bad Gou Chian's son died in battle and his youngest daughter... search for Youn Goa for her whole life...

Ming Dynasty, see the bulding of The Forbidden City and the temple the way the freezed up the road so that they can transport the tree faster by slideing them... da, whole don't want to see that? And all the treasure inside the forbidden city. Robots, that 2 story high marble scapture... all those paintings... of course not missing Zheng He's 7 journeal to the western ocean. I really want to find out how he manage to own all the pirate and grow food on the ship and maybe reach America before Columbus.

Qing Dynasty, of course the first few good emperor must visit them, and also the princess adopt from the society, or the lost princess. Well that mostly likely is a legend or make up story, but, how sweet. Also JingYong's Wou Sha Bo, lol and the King's journey. And also see how they let the Western almost conquer China... failure government system... Pyu Yi''s mother... ruin Pu Yi's life. Last dynasty of China...of course Sun Yet San's famous revolt and the spirit of Try and Try again. Seeing Wong Fei Hong helping Sun Yet San fight against Westerner selling drug to Chinese. Granting them title of "East Asia Sicken Men"!!!!! Hate those Westerner and the East India Company!!! Go kung fu, Hong Guar... i

Republic of China, Sun Yet San's revolt against the new dictator he appointed by accident. Sadly how the Father of China died... /_\ Chiang Kai Shek ruin Sun Yet San's plan of merging nationists and communists to create a better, more peaceful and more powerful China. how can Chiang kai Shek kill Chinese and not resist against the Japanese during WWII? that's stupid... stupid "Policy of non-resistence"! Ha Ha, he got kipnapt by his own general Chung Hai Lang. According teh Chung, Chiang Kai Shek also order to fire at the students who protecting, demanding stoping killing Chinese and actually resist against the Japanese! The making of China's national anthum... how people actually line up to form wall with their body, blocking the Japanese's army charging the city. This make me want to cry... what a brave move to protect their own country... Then Chiang kai Shek finally merge with communism and defeat Japanese with Amercia, then Nationists got their butt kicked to Taiwan even though they recieve aid from the US, all those weapons and $$ supplies.... that prove Chiang kai Shek suck at commanding...

The People Republic of China, which is currently. Still have more history to come, is China going to take back Taiwan? I am saying yes. Of course Taiwan people will say no. I am thinking, China have not even reach its golden age yet, and it have been very powerful, now even going to space exploration....

For those who think China is bad under communism and should be under democracy, I think it wouldn't work. China had been under dictatorship for 4000 years, and it work. So I see no point of changing it. And plus communism idea is really not that bad, it just depend on who bring out the idea and if he bring out the idea fully without personal gain.

If I could chose, I also want to go to future of China. I predict, China going to be very very powerful. Cause when the time is right, all the loyal Chinese students who study aboard will go back and help China develope its technology. They invent gun powder, paper, moveable printing press... who know what else to come?
I since most of the places that I would like to visit in time I'd be considered a slave or not intelligent enough, or in simplier terms barbaric I think I'd consider the Land Of Kush. It was reputated to be were the most advance people in the ancient time went to gather more knowledge. It has been called the second Atlantis due to the fact that it was a place in which the Ancient world came for knowledge until it was completely destroyed by the Persians.
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