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Routers, which brand is better?

Which brand router do you like most?
 47%  [ 8 ]
 52%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 17

I have a D-Link DI-524 router, which served it's purpose. It never died on me, it did not give me any troubles with losing connections. Any have issues with routers? Feel free to talk about advantages/disadvantages of certin routers. The WPA encryption did not work with the D-Link DI-524, I believe it was an issue with the router itself, as I was reading around and came across inormation stating that the WPA encryption had issues. I just purchased a D-Link Rangebooster WBR-2310 and I am loving it! it does indeed support WPA encryption and the firewall on it is much more advanced compared to the basic firewall the DI-524 has. I feel more secure with it. I have the DWL-G510 Wireless PCI Adapter in another computer running wireless and it supports the WPA encryption! The signal that the DI-524 was giving where the computer with the wireless card is stationed, would go no higher than LOW. When I installed the Rangebooster, the card is getting it's full potential. The signal reads VERY GOOD. That is a big imporvement and I am happy with it! Now Linksys is another thing. I have not tried a Linksys router, but I have heard more negative responses than positive. Linksys maybe a big brand name, but it's about quality. I heard that in reguards to brand name routers, if you compared a business Linksys router to a home D-Link router, than the Linksys router would be garbage. How many choose D-Link over Linksys or vice versa?
I myself have used d-link in the past and have had no issues with it at all. I only had to do a reset once a year if that.

Linksys on the other hand I hear can be really bad. A friend of mine purchased one had had nothing but trouble with it after he installed it. But I don't know from pwersonal experience.
Neither of those brands are spectacular. But if I had to choose I would say D-Link is the lesser of two evils. I have a D-Link switch and I say I'm not happy with it because it can't handle the load that I put on it for as long as I do, it overheats rather easily.
I have been using Linksys wRT54G for last one year. Its really good and its on for alost 24 / 7. Also very easy to configure .
Same with my D-Link RangeBooster WBR-2310, it's on 24/7 all the time and my experience so far with it is that the connection has never dropped.
Right now, D-Link is better because Linksys' has a specific revision of their wireless G router that doesn't work anywhere near specs. It's like playing the lottery with routers, because you can't tell if its a good one or bad one until you plug it in.

But the older stuff is amazing. I have an older wireless G router they made when it first came out and it is rock-solid. I have NEVER had to reset it or had any trouble with it.

D-link is relatively good, but I have had some bad experiences with their wired routers...
I have Linksys WRV200 for about 4 days and it has all features I want and no problem until now Very Happy
Linksys, they tend to be reliable long term, and good wireless signel strenth!
I have only used D-Link and only have experience with D-Link, they too are very reliable long term and have great signal strength.
Well, I have used both, and they've both been fine. However, I have had an issue with one of my D-Link routers. It was a DI-524, it worked fine for my friends, not for me. I guess I received a defective one. (Router and USB Receiver for $15 Wink ) Other than that, D-Link has been great for me. Linksys was also fine, but right now, I'm using a D-Link, and it's working just fine. So, it's really personal choice, but at the moment, I would say D-Link. (Just never buy SUPER cheap Laughing ).
I've used both, and D-Link has failed me twice out of five different routers. Linksys has never died on me. The Linksys firmware is much more intuitive to use and has many features.

Currently I use a router made by Actiontec, the company that Verizon has contracted to make their FIOS routers. It's got a coax output for hdtv and so I use it instead of my Linksys router. Good quality build material and excellent firmware.

I've also used a router by US Robotics. Don't get a router by them. Cheap hardware, simple and featureless firmware.
I have an old Linksys BEFSR41...

Rock solid, updated firmware and has never been a problem.

I use it with a wired network with a D-Link DWL9000 Wireless AP for my wireless needs (used with a D-Link DWL-610 wireless card in my laptop).

D-Link or Linksys?? Use them both..
for me I prefered D-Link, t hink it's the best brand !! And the linksys was very expansive than the dlink !!!

for the price D-Link is great and had way less problems with it than any brand
most problems i had with linksys!

D-Link is most recommended brand for best bang for your buck
Belkin is good choice and easy to config but not as stable I wanted it to be
Netgear is just awesome it's very stable and hard to crash and has many awesome features
Linksys I had tons of problems with many models and setup is pain in the ...
gigafast has crappy menu but tough to crash also recovers automatically on crashes which rarely happens
AirPort is awesome I never had any problems and had awesome range
SMC I never tried
I have a linksys wireless router at home. I personally like linksys better because it was fairly easy to set up. I installed 2 Linksys wireless cards in two desktop computers, and configured the router in under 2 hours. That may seem to be a while for some people, but I am a slow person. I have also set up a Belkin router. It was the easiest router to get going. I plugged it in, and it worked. Simply as that. I had a problem with the internet service instead of the router that made things a little more of a problem. The latest router I have set up was a Netgear. It was a pain in the butt to get going with the internet service we have here. It not only wouldn't work correctly, we had to start over at least 3 times. We finally got it working and doesn't run half bad. Overall, I would rate Linksys first, Netgear second, and Belkin third for performance wise.
I have the D-Link GamerLouge 4-Port 1 GB Router. I got it for my Lan parties to be the 'Server' but really just the Backbone. I runs sweet, and has tons of features, I like it much better than my older Linksys, which I still use as a wireless access point.
On my work we get a lot of reclamation on d-link but its okey brand if you only save the garrante. Level 1 is a good brand of routers also
I have been using a NetGear router for the last 15 months and I have had no issues with it. yet to try out LinkSys or D-Link Neutral
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