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BSOD... Please help

I've reformat and re-installed windows XP pro SP2 onto my other computer and it still gives the infamous Blue Screen Of Death... I've run MemTest and it says it's all ok. What other things could it be ? By the way this problem is intermitten sometimes upon startup sometimes it could be after using the pc for an hour i really have no idea how to fix it so any help would be gracefully appreciated. Smile

Thanks in advance.
there are many reasons for BSOD. it could be hardware or software problem. As for the hardware problem, these are all the reasons I could think of:

memory: usually, can be verified using memtest. but memory are very durable compared to other pc hardware devices.
fan: if your fan is not correctly installed. check it
CPU: don't know much about this, but I've read it somewhere
computer temperature: you should check for the stats of your PC. This is crucial as it might destroy other devices present.
hard disk. not much sure about this but sometimes it causes BSOD.

As for the software problem:
it could be corrupt driver or incompatibility problems.
corrupt files. it might help reinstalling your software.

hope that helps.
Sounds like a hardware error, First thing you should do is check the CPU FAN, you will need to open the case for this. May be its not working and your pc gets heated and hangs after sometime.

If its working fine second thing you should check is your board for bad capacitors, bad capacitors are swollen on top and are bend upward.(should be other way round)

Try using the memory stick in different slot, may be different one if u have a spare stick.

If it still doesnt works, then go to bios setting on pc startup by pressing del or f2, and look for "pc health" and verify the voltage readings are fine.

Check your hard disk for bad sectors by running a through surface scan, will need to boot your pc from a bootable cd/floppy.

Hopefully this will help.
I used SpeedFan to check temp. of my pc. Temperature readings are normal. But i will try methods you mentioned. A clean install of Windows XP Pro SP2 should fix any corrupt files ? Correct me if im wrong. Thanks for all your help.
I'll get back to you on this one. Smile
technically reformatting your pc will clear any form of error. But the BSOD is not only due to software errors. It can be due to your motherboard as well as other hardwares in your computer. I've written in some post that my company has a computer that sporadically shows the BSOD since the day it was purchased. I've changed the RAM, added an independent VGA card, reformatted... but it still appears occationally. I suspect it's the motherboard but I can't change that, at least not for the moment.

Do you have a spare PSU? If yes, you can try that out 1st. Irregular flow of current I believe can also cause BSOD.
I'll have a rummage through the spare room i'll se what i have. I heard that the PSU could cause BSOD but wasn't 100% sure. Thanks for your help.
Next time you get the BSOD, post the actual error codes that you see ( the numbers that start with 0x ) as well as any file names that are refferenced in the error (sometimes there are file names, sometimes not)

A BSOD can be caused by anything from damaged hardware, to damaged drivers, etc etc etc

Without the actual error codes though it is impossible to troubleshoot.
Yeah, disable automatic restart on error and record down the exact error message. That would be useful for troubleshooting. A Google search for the error code might bring you lots of useful information Wink
Automatic restart disabled. Here are a few error codes that have been displayed.

page fault in non paged area 0x0000050

Pfn_List_Corrupt 0x0000004e

Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal 0x000000D1 Tcpip.sys

Any help to resolve these damn annoying BSOD's would be gracefully appreciated. Smile
The Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal 0x000000D1 Tcpip.sys

It seems as though this problem is caused because of the TCP/IP connection. I'm not 100% sure what could cause this, but there are a few fixes for that on the microsoft site at the link I provided.

Pfn_List_Corrupt 0x0000004e

What I understand about this problem, there is a driver malfunction in one of your drivers that needs to be either uninstalled or rolled back in order to fix the problem. I'm also being told that this could be a RAM problem that you might have a RAM chip not working right. I'm not 100% certain about that, but that could be the cause of the problem right there.

I'm still looking over the page fault error and cannot find a single good explanation to give about it, but there have been solutions from completely reinstalling memory and other hardware as well as a completely new installation of XP.
Something else that might be worth a shot is booting to recovery console from the XP disk and running a chkdsk /r

You either have a driver problem, possible NIC problem, or maybe even some corruption on the hard drive that killed the tcpip.sys driver.

If it's just the tcpip.sys driver that has died, then you 'should' be able to expand another copy of it from the XP cd (depending on if you have a real xp disk or one of those mutations that HP, Sony and others try to pass of as an XP disk because they are useless)

If you have SP2 installed, and if it is included on the cd will make a difference as well.

If you installed SP2 as an update you should find another copy of tcpip.sys in the folder %windir%/servicepackfiles/I386
I have SP1 at the moment. When trying to update to SP2 i get a BSOD. This thing is driving me nuts. Shocked
That's gotta be a problem with SP2 then if it runs fine with SP1. I'm not sure how you would correct that though.

Could you please tell us how much RAM is in the system exactly? It could be that your system simply has run out of memory to use.

The only thing other than that, that I can think of would be to see what method you are using to install SP2. If you are installing it over the windows update service. Try instead going to the microsoft website and look for the SP2 re distributer installer (it might be called redistributable or something like that). It will be an exe file that you can install SP2 from. What I usually do since my XP disk is an SP1 version is I keep the installer on a CD so that I can just pop that in right after I install the XP system, it saves having to download it every time.
I noticed that the RAM is DDR2 for intel even though the motherboard is AMD, is. It works fine till i try and do something on the comp and then boomf! BSOD. Is it likely that the RAM is incompatible ?. Also i have SP2 on the disk itself.
The windows format doesnt delete all the files on it. It is still running in a windows shell which alot of malware infamous for causing the BSOD can elude. Boot into some kind of partition manager, and double overwrite the drive. Alot of the time, malware can actually hide from the windows formating.
the above poster brings up an interesting and good point about the malware. My suggestion is to get a live linux distribution like Knoppix or Ubuntu even and go from there.

If you use Knoppix when you get all booted up from the CD, open up the terminal (its under applications in the menu bar...somewhere) and run "qtparted" and it will walk you through wiping out your hard drive. that should fix it.

If you use ubuntu, just start up from the CD and once your booted up hit the install icon on the desktop and walk through the install process all the way through the part where it wants you to format the drives. Once that is done, you can cancel the install and reboot with the windows CD in and install windows.

The Ubuntu method is actually the easier of the two IMO
Thanks for your help i will try that.
I've a question. A complete wipe of the hdd will wipe any BSOD thats caused by conflictions of driver files or corrupt files correct ?.
Correct. If you still have a BSOD after a format and clean install then your problem is in the hardware itself.
I had a BSoD on my new PC I built. I couldn't figure out what was going wrong. So I did trial by error. First I tried every single display drivers I could find. That didn't work, I replaced the video card with a higher video card which fixed it to an extent, because I don't no longer get skips in graphics anymore. I then went into the BIOS and increased the DRAM voltage from 1.85v to 2.0v, which my RAM needed. There was an update in Windows Update listed as a Silicon RAID driver, that may have cause an issue as well, because I do not have a RAID set-up, I only have one SATA drive. I also installed the AMD Dual Processor drivers that I found on the AMD site. A buddy of mine told me to take out the RAM and reinsert it back in, because it may have not been all the way in and it needed to be reinserted to read the RAM properly, that made sense. I went on for an hour and a half playing Counter-Strike: Source with no restart happening at all, which was awesome, because the computer couldn't go 10 minutes without restarting. Now I am going to reformat the whole thing, to make sure all the drivers that we're installed is completely removed, as well as the RAID drivers that we're installed from Windows Update are removed. I am no longer going to install Hardware drivers from Windows Update, it's best to install them manually yourself if you need them, in which I didn't really need them, but that's just my stupidity that was kickin in there haha. Ohh, and by the way, the BSoD error that I was receiving......I noticed it two times in a row, was STOP: 0x00000F4 if anyone really knows what that means.
My friend is letting me have a rummage through his PC parts check see what he has. He said i could take what i need, so i'm just going to take everything and try various different pieces of hardware, first i'm changing the motherboard Shocked it's poo.
have you manage to solve the problem now?
Not yet... It's driving me crazy Shocked. I will keep trying though. I get BSOD when trying to install SP2 that can't be right can it ? Shocked
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