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Realistic idea?

Is this a realistic idea?
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 28%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 7

At my school, it follows the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

This means, that between half way through year 9 and half way through year 10 students have to do a personal project.

I've come up with a few ideas... Although one of them is this: To raise $10,000 Au (7,941.61 US) for charity.

Is this a realistic idea Question

I'm guessing many of you say it wouldn't be... But raising $10,000 would be a great accomplishment.

By the way, please don't post one-liners... I need proper opinions for this.
My opinion is, if you are passionate about this idea, go for it. If you are really determined, anything is possible. But you do have to think whether it is really possible. I am not very familiar with these systems, but think :-

    1.Do you have the good skills to make people actually donate something? Like good talking skills etc.?
    2.Is there enough time to even consider this? This is a very big project and you require at least one month, in my opinion.
    3.Would you receive help or do you have to do this alone?


Hope my post helped you...
Captain Fertile
I think this is a BRILLIANT Idea.

This is one project the entire school should help you to complete.

Also, if you need fund raising ideas your friends here at FriHost will help you come up with plenty I would think.

The secret is to plan as early as possible and start the ball roloing as soon as you possibly can and I think it is achievable.

Who knows, with the wonders of Paypal etc, maybe someone will be able to offer a Paypal Acoount to borrow for donations (I know this idea if sull of dangers but it is just the kernal of an idea). If you could get worldwide web donations then the target is certainly achievable.

Keep us informed and good luck with a worthwhile project.
That's an interesting approach--I'm pretty sure I've heard of the International Baccalaureate, but I haven't heard of a requirement like that for Year 9/10 students before. Which state are you studying in? (I did high school in Queensland).

As for the project idea itself--it's a good one, and even though it sounds really ambitious, I don't think it'd be impossible--but you need to think very carefully about how you'd set it out and how you'd pursue it. I'd recommend talking to some of your teachers about what your options are.

For instance, would the goal be to raise $10,000 for just one charity, or might you have a list of charities that you want to raise, say, $1000 each for or something? How much time will you have to raise the money? Which charities would you be looking at? Are there things you would and would not be allowed to do in order to raise money, as a student? Might you be able to do it with a group of other students, to lighten the load, or does it need to be an individual project? And if you can do it with a group, would you all just be trying as hard as possible to reach the group goal of $10,000, or would you have individual targets (say, $1000 each again) that add up to the total--so that if someone didn't quite make their $1000, on the one hand the group wouldn't make the $10,000 goal, but on the other hand, other students who did manage to make $1000 don't lose marks over it.

And--important, because it is a school project--where's the pass mark and what do you have to hand in? Do you need to write up a report or essay of some kind about how you went about doing the project? How much of your mark will be based on raising the targeted amount of money, and how much on the idea, the strategy, the follow-through, the written report? If you only (only!) manange to raise, say $5000, is that still a pass as far as your teachers are concerned?

As I said, it's a good idea, and should be doable--you just need to be careful about how you plan it and make sure your teachers understand exactly what you're trying to do and how you want to do it. Also, if you can get a couple of teachers onside, they sometimes can do unexpected things to help you out.

The only other thing is, even though it sounds as if this is the idea you'd really like to try out, don't abandon any of your other ones until you've got a clear yea or nay on this one. Always have a backup.
I think before raising that kind of money you have to have a reason or a motive, a plan or something. Its kind of weird to just say hey, I am going to raise a ton of money for nothing (or just for a project).
Thats a great idea, that you could accomplish. First thing you should do is make a list of fund raising events that you can host with a list of places each could be hosted at. Then you should find a few people, including your friends to help you organize and keep control over the event. You will also need to advertise your event, if you are planning a big event, you could put an ad in a few news papers and make some fliers. A few things that you should mention are that the profits from your event(s) are going to such and such charity(if not many people know about the charity, give some sort of description), the time of the event, the location and mention something about food(some people think with their stomachs).

Best of Luck.

P.S. Be sure to tell us how far you get.
it would be interesting to say the least and would be tons of work but if you get some sponsors together raising even 100,000 AU can be easy as pie. Just remember people this is for charity and people will give to those as long as no money goes to the person who does all the work. Ironic?
Well you will need to have a reason for people to donate to you, personally I would rather donate to the Red Cross, you need incentive, as in, to sponser something people actually care about, for some reason kids in Africa are popular choices (I personally couldn't care less) however you would probebly need to sponser entire villages with that sort of money.

Another choice is to give money to disease research, I would do Autism but its your choice.

Then you need a medium, you can't get that amount of money from door to door, the internet can work, but if you are planning to use this money on something in Australia, that won't work to well, since most people won't want to donate to a different country, you decide this.

I think this is a VERY impractical idea and I would choose a different project, there is just no reason to donate, your choice though.
Excellent idea. Are you going to accept donations over the internet via pay pal? And how else are you going to get donations. And what charity are you doing it for? I reckon you will make it onto the news if you achieve this goal.
Honestly, I believe that if you are very commited to this you can do it. But 10,000 is alot of money. How long do you have to raise it?
In answer to all your questions:
* I have one year to raise it.
* I would use "events" as well, to raise it. My school has a "large" amount of people who go to it, and they do allow students to do fund raising events for these projects. Some of these events can raise well over $1,000.
* I would do it individually.
* I have not chosen a charity to raise money for. Maybe the Heart Foundation or the Royal Society for the Blind.
* I wish to do something that borderlines difficult, and extremely difficult.

Thanks for the support, guys Smile (At least most of you Wink)

Also, does anybody have an ideas/reasons for good charities?
Well, don't underestimate the power of the internet. It's completely possible, though it's also completely beyond my skills and initiative to do so...

How persistent are you, exactly? I think that's really all that matters...
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