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Ancient MOnuments of India

India is a land of cultural and heritage values and is evident from the vast ancient monuments and remains found in India. A large number of monuments can be traced in the north, south, west and eastern parts of India. Many of these sites are declared as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. These historical ancient remains also attracts a lots of tourist to India. In this topic I would like to share your views and knowledge on some of the famous and major Monuments of India. Post your information on the famous monuments in this topic...
I've only been to india once, and had time only for 4-5 places. Till today i've yet to see the taj mahal. I heard that it wasn't really built by that emperor or so the rumor goes.

Thinking of going back in a few months time..any place to recommend?
tyrant wrote:

Thinking of going back in a few months time..any place to recommend?

You should go to Kerala, if you have the time. It's just not like the other places in India... Here are a few suggestions:

    you could go to Aleppey and try the houseboat rides in the backwater, with a stay in the middle of a large lake at night...(I've tried this)

    Try to visit Munnar, but don't go to the 'normal' tourist places. you could rent a bike and go to the hilly interiors (if you have the stamina Razz ) or you could ask your hotel to arrange a four-wheel drive jeep to take you to the world's highest tea factory. Try to go there in the evening, it's something you won't forget...(I've tried these too)

    If you've the money and street-smart guts, you could hire a taxi (careful!) and ride the coastline roads from Cape Comerin to Trichur exploring the beaches. Some pretty good ones are hidden in the villages...(Not tried fully yet, may be next time)

    Try to go to some cultural programmes, dances, concerts etc. Better try this in Trichur and Trivandrum...

Well, these are my plans next time I've the time to go visiting.
yes Kerala is one of the best tourist destinations of India and is marked for its greenish landscape beauty.
YEs there are many places to see in India. Actually there r many sites which provides useful info on these destinations. You can go through for further details. They r also one of the leading travel agent in India. All the best.........
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