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model rocketry

hi guys
is anyone here into model rocketry as a hobby. i started making some kits and now i make custom model rockets. just looking for someone to share design ideas with.
let me know if anyone here is into it Smile
I like to buy up kits from clearance bins.
Then give them away to kids.

I like to build them and shoot them off.
But, I never use those electric igniters.
I just use cannon fuse, and light it with a match.
It's much more reliable.

I only like to use the C size motors.
I want them to go pretty high,
but I want it to stay in sight.

Have you tried looking into lifting body designs?
i have never looked into lifting body designs. Please elaborate on what exactly that does.

i maily try to set a goal for my self and make a rocket and try to reach that goal. I use an altimeter to make sure that the height is acurate. It's fun. I'm also looking into this program called rocksim that i might buy. It's a good program and helps you perform virtual flights.
A lifting body is like a wingless airplane.
The shape of the vehicles body is shaped like an airfoil.
The belly is flat and the top is curved to produce lift.

when you angle the launch rod into the wind
so the recovery is not so far away
you should get more altitude (lift) out of the flight.
this looks cool


would you know of any opensource or free flight simulator programs that help predict how far the rocket will go? i looked into rocksim but it's kinda costly.

I once was into model rocketry with my boys club when I was younger and rockets are surprisingly simple to make, but I have some advice to share from what I learned
- as nice as it is to have a really pretty rocket, you'd be surprised how much layers of paint weigh a rocket down! Paint it up all pretty and stuff but dont overdo the paint as it does make a visible difference.
- if your rocket has a parachute dont keep it stored inside the rocket for long periods when not in use or they'll kinda stick like that and not open as good

Also, the most fun rocket of all of them was the one that was like a space shuttle that had a little foam glider that sat on the side (kinda like in the picture below but without the 2 white boosters with the side glider alot smaller and less detailed than that). When the rocket reached its peak the glider would simply slide off the rail it was sitting on and glide down to earth seperately. It was really cool. Heavy though, use a more powerful charge for that.
linexpert wrote:
this looks cool


would you know of any opensource or free flight simulator programs that help predict how far the rocket will go? i looked into rocksim but it's kinda costly.


Used to do this a lot back in High School. My bud had a space shuttle and booster setup. First time we launched it, a high altitude wind took them and landed both in the top of a grove of very tall maple trees... I preferred the simpler models that didn't hurt so much to loose. Wink

For software, try typing "model rocketry freeware" into google...This site is just an example of the results. Soar might do it for you.

But back in the day, the engines had charts that I seem to remember made altitude prediction pretty straight forward. Is that not accurate enough?
it's not accurate enogh because my goal is to reach a predicted heigh. the engines don't include all the other calculations including other masses, wind, drag and such. i think i've seen a chart that you're talking about but the only time that would've been useful was when i used one of estes kits. Very Happy
This kind of software would make a perfect Visual Basic project.
Do a search on ebay for 'visual basic' .
You will find tons of copies of VB with training books and CD's.
Many of them go for next to nothing.
I picked up a copy VB6.0 with books and CD's for $2 .
With that you can write your own program.
You can already visualize what you want it to do.
You can have as many variables as you want.
Just make it yourself.

Then you can sell it for $9.98 or whatever.
It looks like you would not have any competition on ebay for it.
Set up the program file to be downloadable after purchase.
Then it would be a neat little money machine for you.
this program will be kinda dificult to make since i'm not very far in studying rocketry yet. Sad
I use to do it a lot. When all my buddies were into it we build kits as well as custom ones of our own ideas... video taped the launches and etc... it was fun.

I have not done it in at least 10yrs but I have since got into astromomy and I guess the majority of them also do rocketry so I may dust off my old plans and get into it again.
yes, i used to have some for a long time
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