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Hello. I have some problems with my laptop's DVD/CD-RW. When I got my laptop there was no operational system, so I had to install Windows XP Professional and install each driver one by one. I got the drivers for keyboard, touch pad, my adapter.... Everything but my DVD/CD-RW. Of course, I'm am able to play CD's (i installed windows from a CD). I had some trouble with playing CD-R that I wrote, but in the end everything with CD-R's seems to work fine. My problem is though, I'm not able to write into CD-R's or play any DVD's! I know that my laptop is not capable of witting DVD's, but I do know, however, that it's most certainly capable of playing DVD's. Can anybody help?
I hadn't installed hardware for my DVD/CD-RW, because I can't find anything on google. When I right click on my DVD/CD-RW and properties I go down to Hardware Tab and I see "QSI CDRW/DVD SBW242C", can anybody get me driver for that because I cannot find anything. Although it does state that my device is working properly, it is not. I think that Windows automatically gave me some sort of drivers, because when I go to device manager and click on properties on my "DVD/CD-RW" and go down to Driver tab i see : Driver Provider: Microsoft; Driver Version: 5.2.2535.0; Digital Signer: Microsoft WindowsPublisher. Driver detail files are cdrom.sys; imapi.sys; PxHelp20.sys; redbook.sys; storprop.dll.
Thats all the detail that I can post. Can anybody help me or tell me somethings that might work? Or maybe tell me a better place (more dedicated) where I can ask this same question at? Well anyway, thanks for your time and your concern.
wumingsden ???

or ....

QSI/NU SBW242, info about it at
Well I don't clearly understand... What are flashers? I never heard of them. ^^
And QSI SBW-242 is not the same as QSI SBW 242C Does that C at the end matter? Thanks
It cannot detect DVD'S or can't play Dvd video? Can you see the difference? Insert the DVD and go to my computer, double click the dvd drive and see if you can browse the files.

If Yes , you can browse the files but can't play the video its because windows media player doesn't have the support to play dvd video by default and you will either need a pulgin or install different player such as Cyber Power DVD to play it.

If "not" then first think you should try is try different dvd(may be different media) to make sure that the problem is with your DVD drive and not the media. If you still can't play them then you can try flashing the DVD drive with the latest firmware and see if it works.
Flashing is the way to upgrade the firmware of the drive, latest firmware will obviously have lesser bugs/errors.
Thanks Sunny, I guess as much detail as I put I still didn't put enough. My laptop doesn't detect DVD's, and I tried many different ones. I guess I'll try "flashing". My question still remains though, in "QSI SBW 242" does that C at the end matter, because when I look at my device name it says "QSI SBW 242C"
I'm not entirely sure which is why I only gave the links. I'm guessing that it will matter slightly, so make sure all changes that you make can be reversed if needed. If you do apply one the 242 version, then you may be able to upgrade to 242c. I have fount a 242b version, but I'm gathering that the only difference between them all are upgrades.

--- note however that i know absolutely nothing about this kind of thing. I only tried find the download link to 242c, and come across 242/242b. They may work, they probably won't though, but again, i know thing about it at all.
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