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thinking of joining the army

At the end of this semester I'll be finishing my bachelors. I'm thinking about going into the military as an officer. They told me I can start as a 2nd Lieutenant and one day I could become a General. They also told me they would pay off my student loans. Basically the recruitment officer made it sound like one sweet deal.

But I'm interested in the other story too. Anybody here that's an officer, or even enlisted, what are your thoughts
ok I dunno anything about army. But what I can tell you, its all depend on you. What do you really want in life ?

If your answer is money I dont think joining the army will get you anywhere, sure you get paid a lot as general but if you are aiming to be a millionaire or even higher I think its a bit hard, since you will be a quite high middle class person if you ever get to general but yeah thats about it.

But ofc if your goal in life is just to enjoy life, travel around the world and protect your country, I guess you are on the right track. On top of that, joining the army will usually give you lots of benefits from the government and feeling of satisfaction too.
Well it depends on where you are... if your in the United States, I'd check out the air force and see what they have to offer. You get better benefits in the air force.
Be careful about it. Some recruitment officers will try to butter you up in a sense, stretching the truth, just to get you to join. If it sounds like a sweet deal, that's fine, but is it what you want? If you only want to join the military for the money, the rank, or the supposed "opportunities", don't. If you really want to join the military because you think it is where you belong, go right ahead. The military is not for everyone.

I'm assuming you live in the United States, in which this is quite common.
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My dad is in the British army, and yes it is a reasonably sweet deal with one catch: you might get your head blown off if you're unlucky.

He's had a good run in the army, and doesn't regret it at all, but it's not for everyone. We've been posted to some pretty cool places, but family life has been tough at times---especially on my mum---what with uprooting the household every couple of years (not great if you want your kids to have a solid education), my dad doing 'tours' abroad, etc.

It is a very financially safe option, though: you won't go hungry or roofless.

That was by no means a comprehensive glimpse of military life, but I need to go and fix myself some supper now. Might add more later.
Recruitment officers can make things sound better than they actually are, just do your research before you join up, and, if you live in the USA, perhaps wait for the war to be over before joining up?

What would you want to do (like, which section of the army lol)?
Also, if you live in the United States, you might want to take into account the fact that we are currently sending a lot of our troops overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. There is a very real probability that you will be sent to the battle lines. It's a big difference between joining the army in peacetime and wartime. Well, semi-wartime anyway.
Solos, recruiters will lie to your face so smoothly you will never figure out that you have been lied to until it is too late. Their profession is to lie and f**k people right into the worst possible billets/jobs possible. The only thing that matters to them are their recruitment figures. They do not give a rats ass about you, no matter what they say to your face.

If a recruiter promises you anything, get it in writing.
Get some guaranteed schools beyond OCS, like law school or med school.

Look at more than just the Army.
Each branch offers a different family lifestyle.
If I had it to do over again, I would choose the Air Force.
The Air Force has the slowest rank advancements but the most stable family life. If you go in and have a decent job and a decent quality of life you will feel better about your options of staying in for 20years. If you wind up with a job or lifestyle you hate, then you will be miserable the whole time your in.
Most people aren't satisfied with their tasks at work because there is a guy telling them
what to do and how to do it. With who to do it, in what time, etc. If you find that part
a small deal, then the army propablly is a great choise. Otherwise, I think you should
stay in school, spending your time finding out what you want in life. Witch social structure
that fits to your ideas of reality, family and friends. The army have quite an impact on
those 'little things'...
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