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Giving Up Guildwars

If this is against any TOS just delete the topic please.

My friend has been wanting to starting playing Guildwars, but he doesn't have the money to buy an account. Is there anyone out there that is quitting GW or already has? If so, would you mind giving me the account so that my friend can play? Just PM me the info if you will. Thanks.
I've never played Guildwars but was under the impression that the only payment you had to pay is for the disk - all accounts are free?

I may be wrong, but don't think you'll incur any other fees other than purchase of the disk.
The only thing you get in a store are cd's and a key, the key is used to create an acount and for the rest its free. I think he just wants someone acount since you can download the client right of the guild wars website making it totaly free for him
Yeah, I'm just looking for an account. I already have all three games, but my friend really wants to start playing but he doesn't have the money for an account.
Why don't you just share your copy with him. I think you can have up to three characters in the game so you can let him play one.
Four characters with a single campaign, 2 additional with each other campaign added on to that..

But really, if your friend just saves their money for a bit, it's not so bad. The Official Store in game sells the original campaign (Prophecies) for $29.99 now, so it's not like it's horribly expensive.
Well the thing is that it is kinda difficult to share an account when you play all the time lol. Only one user can be logged onto an account at once. Also, I have 10 character slots, got 7 from the games and bought 3 from the online store.
Patriot Players
save up the thirty bucks and buy it lol. Usually account trading is against the TOS of the game anyway.
Alright well I guess I'll tell him that he has to just go out and buy it. But, if anyone is getting rid of an account, please let me know.
Alright, I no longer need an account. A different friend of mine decided to quit GW and gave me his account. Thanks Anyway.
It looks as if its about having an account instead of having the game.
Having a nice account is a lot of work isn't it. I don't know about GW, but I think I might give it a try..
making the account is 100% FREE just need to buy the games and register the key to your account.. im greedy i have 3 accounts Razz 1 that has prophecies 2 that has prophecies and nightfall 3 is just an empty account lol
Oh my god !!!!!! I like this game because you only pay one time and its really fun to play.!!.!!
Not only is it fun to play, but it is all so addictive.....I need a shirt that says "Guild Wars ruined my life" lol
So it's really free to play online after you buy the game?? No monthly subscription fees?? Am I hearing this right? I really shouldn't get it...I already lost a couple years of my life to Ultima Online. But no fees is very tempting! Someone please confirm this if it's true!
it's true Satori. No monthly fees with Guild Wars. You have only to buy the game.
GW is bugging like hell rently, how poo
They just announced in the most recent issue of PC Gamer that Guild Wars 2 is going to be coming in some time around 2009, and it will not only have more persistent areas like a normal MMO, but it will still be free to play after buying the boxed game as well.

...and you'll get to play as a Charr.
Wow...sounds like the kind of video game crack addiction I don't need right now! Haha. But it also sounds oooohhhhh so tempting to me! Maybe I'll have to wait for guild wars 2 to come out...

Oh and by the way...what the hell is a "Charr" ??
why wait for GuildWars2 then you would miss the first part of the story they should never stop making GW's i think its a great game im sure thousands of people think the same. but yeh anyway id 100% buy the first GuildWars before waitting for no.2 to come out its defo worth buying to tell the truth when i first played it i was like "wtf is this peasce of s***" as i was used to first person shooters but now im so used to GuildWars first person shooters bore the hell out of me. then theres wow "world of warcraft whats that about that like copied GuildWars made it look 10x worse tho and added extra levels well wow isnt worth playing you have to buy the game then pay to payit monthly how dumb XD so Good work GUILDWARS! you rock!

peace out XD
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