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Is there anyone else here besides me who thinks that the world is a really messed up place?

For example, take the 9/11 attack. George Bush claimed that the destruction of the WTC's was an attack by terrorists taking over Boeing 747's. But hold on a second? There were no bodies recovered from this plane. And what about the size of this so called Boeing 747? The wingspan of a Boeing 747 would have cut the building in half. This plane was smaller sleeker and stealthy looking. Not a 747.

And what about the building? It was built so that the exterior walls formed a strong foundation for the building, therefore, the building should not have fallen. Yet, many floors below the plane crash, there were explosions at the buildings key infrastructural points. This caused the massive building to fall on itself causing it to collapse and kill over 2000 people.

Another example would be the thought of an "Underground Government" that consisted of some of the worlds most powerful men. They then made plans to do whatever they wanted in secret without the world knowing that they existed at all, except by people who had these so called crazy ideas of this actually being true.

Thats all from me... Anything from anybody else?
You have too much spare time....

Definition of history is pre 2000, in my book, so this is more "current affairs"

And all you're doing is theorising about secrets! (futile by it's own definition no less)
Can't hold a topic can ya Confused

Oh geez, are you serious with this thread? Conspiracies are mostly created by people who want nothing better than to over analyze everything. As much as I love a good conspiracy story, most of the things people come up with are really stupid. What's stopping the 9/11 attacks from being by pissed off Arabs?

And as far as your going, suggesting that theres some kind of Illuminati, maybe there is some kind of higher power. But what would they have to gain from all the death and destruction going on in the world? If there was some kind of higher power controlling politicians, wouldn't they most likely be using their power to keep order? As far as the world looks right now, there isn't that much order. What would be their gain from all this? Money? If there was a higher power, they would be above money. Then, what else? Over inflated egos? Why would some higher power just cause these wars, cause all this death, all of this destruction for the sake of saying to his fellow world leaders "Hey, look what I did."

Look at the world around you. It's ****** up because man is ****** up. Everyone is so obsessed with romantic power and social ideals to actually work on the economy and stop all the fighting and bloodshed. Man created conspiracies the same way Man created religion years ago to explain things that they didn't understand. If people took the time to use logic for once in their lives, they'll relize that the world isn't the way it is because of some higher power, it's because of themselves.

This is why I never go into the Lifestyle and News forums...
Why, of course you can! But why hold it in the wrong place, where people obviously don't have the proper information on the matter?

Sure your topic would be much more suited for the
Discuss World News forum than the History forum.

What you speak of is still affecting us, George Dubya is still around, still making decisions. Historical figures, such as Bismarck and Tsar Alexander, aren't
Manntis wrote:
For example, take the 9/11 attack...

This has be extensively discussed and rehashed on Blaster's pet 9/11 conspiracy theory thread.
Technically it is history because it is history in the making. They have theories in history books like spontaneous generation and evolution and the theory of creation.

I reccommend such documentaries as Loose Change, and Farenheit 9/11.
There is undeniable proof that something is not right.

There are also conspiracies about the moon landings....plausible but I'm not too sure I believe those yet.....

For thsoe of you who thing conspiracy theories are only for crackpots well...they are only considered that because they are the only people unafraid of speaking against their government, unafraid of coming up with ideas noone would agree with. This people are brave pioneers for fighting for what they believe. And you are just the sheep.
Loose change is a very good movie. I had to do a final project in one of my classes and I chose to do the faked Moon Landing, the JFK assassination and the 9/11 attack Wink
Someone has lost their peanuts. Now wait just a second...yes, the world is a very screwed up place. Yes. Yes it is. What are we going to do about it? Instead of asking around to see how many people agree with you, why not spend that time actually thinking of things we can do to improve ourselves and our world?
I agree with you
while you all make points, I do seriously think this isn't history, world events are all history in the making, but not history

Could someone please close this topic?
This has been discussed before (as stated by Montressor)

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