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david foster wallace

Has anyone read Infinite Jest? Thoughts? Opinions?
I know that I started this thread a year ago or more and no one found it interesting. Maybe no one in this forum has read the Infinite Jest. It's really long, so I guess that should come as no surprise. But I was standing at a bus stop this afternoon. I waited for the bus for 20 minutes or more. And here's what happened: I was waiting for the bus and I was reading this magazine that had been given to me by a friend, and this friend receives the magazine for free and he doesn't know why, and anyway this magazine had this obituary in it: David Foster Wallace killed himself last week.

To think, I was just earlier this week, or maybe last week, thinking to myself that he should be publishing a new book soon.

He's gone.

Anyway, that I'm aware of, no one at frihost has anything to say about his work and maybe none of you read it, but he was a brilliant writer. I have been, ever since I read the infinite jest, and I will continue to be, blown away by his talent. and his vocabulary.

Anyway, DFW, I'm having a beer thinking about you and I'm sorry you're gone. I didn't know you but you were a little bit my hero.
Apologies for not being able to say that I've read Infinite Jest, but I am impressed by the rantings and adoration that I've heard given to him.

I heard at the time that he died, but I'm surprised to learn that he killed himself...

Just thought that I'd give some credence to this thread. The world needs more heroes.

I may even go out and look into Infinite Jest, who knows.
if you do read it, you should say so in this thread so I can talk to someone about it.
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