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[Need Advice] -- Sleeping Pills

So, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this ******. My sleep schedule is absolutely terrible - roughly 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. I go to school. This doesn't work out too well. Anyhow, I've tried for the past two weeks to go to sleep progressively earlier, and I just spend a lot of time staring at the ceiling. So I was wondering, if any particular brands of sleeping pills worked for you, just so that I can get a decent schedule.

I've been trying:
1. exercise
2. meditation
3. not eating before going to bed
4. alarms and bright lights in the morning
5. going to bed progressively earlier
6. going to bed much later
None of these worked and I'm going /insane/. Basically what had happened was that every day I was going to bed an hour later, until I realized that I hadn't seen daylight in 72 hours...I feel tired all the time and I've been missing class.

Any advice would be nice.
Captain Fertile
I have had sleeping problems in the past. When I want to sleep well this is what I do and the order in which to do it.

1) Have a bath (or a shower if this is not possible)
2) Put on some clean night clothes
3) Chill out watching TV (nothing too intense) or reading for about an hour.
4) Go to bed (this should be an hour before you would normally go to bed if possible) and start/continue reading.
5) If you start to drift off put the book down and go to sleep.
6) If you don't begin to drift read until your normal bed time or up to an hours after it then close the book and go to sleep.

Notes: Some things you should do to make this work.

1) You should chill out and calm down as much as possible.

2) Try to be in a pleasant frame of mind and know that you are winding down after a tiring day and preparing for sleep.

3) The point of the bath (or shower) is to relax you (the bath is best for this-use bath oils etc. for extra relaxation) and to ensure you feel clean and fresh.

4) Your bedroom should be your rest sanctuary. No TV, no distractions. Just your bed a book and your bed-side light are all that concern you.

5) Your bedroom and your bed clothes should be clean and fresh and the room should be a comfortable temperature. Make it a place you want to go to sleep in.

5)Choose a bed-side light so that you do not have to jump out of bed to turn off the light, just turn it off and snuggle in to the bed clothes with a content smile.

6) Some QUIET ambient music can also help (especially if you have the sound of traffic or other distractions outside), or even try ambient sounds played from a CD. Good sounds are things such as waves breaking, rain falling (even quiet distant thunder), Rain forest sounds, falling rain, birds singing, boat sound (water lapping and rigging creaking) and wind chimes. You can find these sounds on CD in many large record stores.

7) When you turn the light off the room should be as dark as possible, invest in good heavy drapes to block out light. Pitch black can be bad for some people it can make them feel sick, dizzy or disoriented but it should be dark.

Cool Finally. While I said always remember you are preparing to sleep this does not mean obsess about it. If you constantly think you should be sleepy you never will be. Just enjoy your bed time and sleep will come.

Try this now and again as a special treat to yourself and once you get back into the routine and your body realises that when you hit the bed it is sleep time you will begin to sleep more easily automatically.

I hope this helps - I know it helps me and it is soooo nice.
Thanks man, I'll try these out.
Everything that the Cap'n said sounds great, so I will only add one item. And, I swear to God, it helped me and a number of other people I told it to.

Try reading Moby Dick in bed.

Seriously, no guarantees, but give it a try for one night and let me know if it helped.
Try reading Moby Dick in bed.

Haha. ******, I've never thought of that through straight boredom.
Anyhow, an update. Some combination of the above worked,'s now 9:00 and I am awake! I don't have good sleeping habits, but it's a bit closer ( I end up sleeping from about 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM, and then from 4:00AM to 9:00 PM). It's roughly night time and I'm just glad that I can make it to afternoon classes. [/quote]
violetgnu wrote:
( I end up sleeping from about 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM, and then from 4:00AM to 9:00 PM)

uhh, did u make a typo, man? or is that REALLY ur sleepin pattern? Shocked

i am on sleepin pills, but theyre 2 help with my depression. i wudnt recommend them if all u hav is an irregular sleepin pattern, but mayb as a last resort. but if ur thinkin of gettin sum CONSULT A DOC 1ST. i duno bout ur country but in Australia u need a prescription 4 most sleepin pills...
uhh, did u make a typo, man? or is that REALLY ur sleepin pattern? Shocked

Not a typo. Better than before, so I'm happy enough.
Hmm. I think my day is just one hour longer than 24 hours. Once more going to sleep at 7 or 8 AM. But now waking up at 11:00 AM. Damn. I was happy with my nocturnal sleeping! Ah well, honestly, anyone that use sleeping pills have any particular experience with them? I'm going to ask a doc about it.
Capain Fertile's advice is very good,I think those will adapt to everyone.
lol i need to find a selection of relaxing music for bedtime, coz if i listen 2 my normal music i just cant help but dance and carry on! Very Happy pretty funny, but not when youre tryin to sleep.....

because im a light sleeper, i generally wake up when every1 else wakes up, around 7am. but because of the sleepin pill, i usually drift in and out of sleep til midday, that is if i dont have 2 get up before then, tho.
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