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Trackmania United

"above all, TrackMania United is a new way to offer players a game that evolves by using easy-to-use but powerful content creation tools and a resource sharing system never before seen in a video game.

TrackMania United revolutionises the series with its new connected* functionality. When equipped with an Internet connection, players can directly exchange all their creations through the game, its interface and its closed Internet network. Each player can have, much like the famous Myspace™, a true online personal space, accessible by entering an address in the game browser or by referencing Manialinks™ **. In this personal space, the player can trade his tracks, vehicles, skins, videos and any other creations for Coppers™, the game's monetary unit.

Coppers™ are used for exchanges made directly through the game and its network. The players can, for example, earn Coppers™ by unlocking single player medals or by exchanging their creations with one another.

In the single-player Official mode, players will earn Coppers™ by establishing the best race times for any single-player track races. The online-ladder rankings system will allow each player, depending on his level, to appear in the regional, national, team or friends rankings. To help players improve, ghosts*** of top ranked players can be downloaded and raced against… which guarantees plenty of fun and challenge"

So, we are talking about Trackmania United. This game based on Web 2.0, the new technology is starting with this game. Fantastic...

What are you thinking about this game?
this is a great game in less than a year ive played almost 1000 hours of it and still loving it. im a trackmaker and you can get tracks at (free site) i have 18 maps 280 awards it is a great game even more so now that nadeo has released a new update to make the game trackmania united forever adding some new pieces.

if looking to buy the game you can get it cheapest at it cost my $30 US
... ive played almost 1000 hours

lol ur addicted, i`ve never played a game so much

i just played Tm Nations Forever, had a lot of fun for 30-40 hours
yes i am addicted Razz i was also a beta tester of tmf was such a fun time
how did you become beta tester ?
when they were looking for beta tester i was asked by nadeo representative to do it i think one of the tmx mods suggested me i have all of there msn's and i talk to them
I've got this game, it's really great. Anything with a track editor gains a ton of points in my book. Last year me and all three of my roommates would stay up till five in the morning racing each other over the LAN instead of studying for our finals. Fun times.

I also like the car painting. The stock paint jobs are nice, but it's still fun to have your own unique car.
yes have you upgraded to forever yet and whats your login
I've got a free (cut down?) version through Steam. It seems like a pretty decent game but I haven't played it that extensively yet.
I am playing thí game, but i think i must uninstal because so lag Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad
I love this game because I could play it even on a piece o' crap internet connection that I use to have. Because it only has to update the car times at the very end on the race, there is very little to do with ping and lag.
I don't see what all the fuss is about over TrackMania. I've played it, and while it's fun, it's not fantastic. I don't know why people rave about it since there are much better racing games out there, like FlatOut.
Can i download this game free?/

i hope because i don't have money. Very Happy

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