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Enviromental Brainwashing

"Deem not the just by Heaven forgot!
Though life its common gifts deny,—
Though, with a crushed and bleeding heart,
And spurned of man, he goes to die!
For God hath marked each sorrowing day,
And numbered every bitter tear;
And heaven's long years of bliss shall pay
For all his children suffer here."

Brainwashing by our environment.

We are Products of our Environment.

We are but products of our environment, in the early years of our lives, our parents, become our roll models. We take on the virtues and culture of our parents. Normally that culture and its superstitions and believes have been passed down throughout the age’s, generation, to, generation. By the time one reaches adult hood we have adopted many of our parent’s ideals to include their religious faith.

It does not matter what ever the religion, Jewish, Christian, Islam etc, normally most parents have tried to ensured that their children, like them try to be good moral citizens that follow the virtues of their faith. However there are those that have made their children think that they are more superior than, the lower masses or that corruption or crime is okay and accepted as its part of their culture.

Lets consider the facts, that you have been indoctrinated and brainwashed by your own parents and the environment of your culture!
What if by a quirk of fate the reader had been born into another culture and another religion? Would you be happy to follow a faith, which at present seem obnoxious, or, deemed to be outlandish? Could it be the faithful followers of other religions have been brainwashed to believe in heresy or paganism? Your politics and beliefs could be completely different than those your present views and due to your environmental upbringing would be completely acceptable to your way of thinking. Perhaps you could be or are a racialist, a thief, or an anarchist, or a fanatical religious bigot because of your environmental programming?
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