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some idea about links

I've read on some blogs and got this idea. Can we create many many blogs and make links back to our main site. This way we can raise our PR for free.

The links I'm going to make will be links that blend in to the article on the blogs.

For example,

I'll going to go see Babel. Many of my friends said that it's a good movie, so I really think we should go see Babel

something link that, what do you think?
yes you can do it. And actually it's a good idea on getting inbound links to your main website for free. I'm not sure it will boost your PR significantly [I hope I write it right, Smile ] if you create hundreds of free blogs on blogspot for example since your incoming links will be from the same IP. This strategy is good and will be helpful but you can't relay just from this method. Combine with other link building method. And please don't create spammy blogs for this reason.
you can do that no harm it is one of black hat techniques
but how will you get those blog indexed in SE first Very Happy
instead of wasting time with setting up useless blogs you can concentrate on your sites and then try building links to it from other sites and directories
just my 2 thought
You have to be very careful when engaging in linking campaigns that are unnatural and specifically intended to manipulate search engine results pages. Efforts like that could (and will probably) come back and bite you in the arse. If you're ever wondering whether something you're planning to do with regards to SEO will be worth it, just think of it from the point of view of a search engine.

Remember, search engines have their bottom line to take care of. They are seeking to provide the most relevant results. If their top ten results for a keyword is full of spammers and cheaters then they have failed which then means less people use their search engine and less advertising revenue for them, etc.

Search engines are constantly on the hunt for those attempting to manipulate their way to the top of the results. They will find you and they will take you out. It's only a matter of time.
Should work out ok.
But you need to put effort to get those blogs up and running. Not an easy task.
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