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Tom and Jerry

Hey everyone

Where does Tom and Jerry originate from. My Dad used to watch it as a kid and then so did my Brother and I but of course they have now removed it from TV because it's supposedly too violent, but surely if it is too violent then why is it that the people of my dads age were no where near as bad as they are these days when the kids arent watching Tom and Jerry. My dad has recently discovered Youtube and has found all of his old favourites on it! He was wondering exactly where Tom and Jerry originated from and it would be great for him to find out as he really is a fan. Maybe there is even a Tom and Jerry fan club!!!


Captain Fertile
When did they ban it from the TV in the UK?

I watched it only the other day.

They have edited certain individual cartoons to be more PC Rolling Eyes but there is no ban that Iam aware of.

Where did Tome and Disney Originate from? I know the rough info but if you Google 'Tom and Jerry cartoon History' you will find out a waelth of information or check out the Internet Movie database

And googe for Tom and Jerry - that should help you find all the info you could need.

Also try Google for a fan club too. If there aint one you could be onto a nice little earner! Laughing
The old episodes of Tom and Jerry - as well as some "lesser class" new episodes are repeated daily on the childrens channels on Sky TV (and cable etc) on the channels " Cartoon Network 1 & 2 " and "Boomerang"
Hi everyone!

Oh, i'll let him know, trouble is we dont have Sky, just freeview and I haven't seen it on the regular channels. I'm sure i'd heard something about violence and banning it but perhaps they just took it off the regular channels.

I shall certainly be looking for a Tom and Jerry fan club site and seeing as im a web designer and my brother is a graphic designer we could set up a nice little well designed site heh heh!!! Anyways thanks all for the input, my dad'll be so pleased!

It is incredible that Tom and Jerry was banned.
It is a great cartoon I think.
When I am in university,my teacher let us wath it before every Class.
Everybody have a goood laugh at it.
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