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Invisible chains

Hi people,

Sometimes I get really frustrated. Life can be so unreasonable - oafish bosses, insensitive family members, stand-offish friends...In one of my worst evening moods, I asked myself a question - how free are we, really?

What's stopping me from giving the finger to my boss and walking out of the office forever?

What's really stopping me from snipping off all the frills in life and live tension-free - sell that too-big house, stop going to clubs, stop buying the latest electronic gimmicks...

I then realized, the so-called social obligations are really invisible chains around our ankles. Some people actually get so accustomed to the chains that they actually feel comfy. Some know that the chains are there, but lack the courage to break the established patterns, and get frustrated. I guess there should be some people out there who've actually had the courage to break patterns.

If I resign my job, sell my house and my laptop, and go off to do farming in an obscure countryside, how many would call me mad? Twisted Evil
I seriously wouldn't call you mad - if you have a plan etc. I guess every single person has that sort of "chains" which is a common thing nobody really could bother about or think about....except you. Very Happy
Where ever you think you would be the happiest, go! Do what you want to do. Save up some money, move and start a new life. People do it all the time. Its hard at first, but you get used to it. Its a challenge, and you know what humans are best at? fighting against the odds
I can sertinly say there is nothing wrong with you.....
We don't put our fingers up at our boss.... Commmon respect.

we want the latest gimmics and tech, it's our challenge to keep up.
I don't really think your mad, because we still have to pay to keep ourselves alive.
we pay taxes, and gst, we vote, and we pay to keep to sorry sods in jail to be off the streets.
this could be common depression or somethings else. Just see your doctor or see a councilor.
I wouldn't say you are mad, as I have felt the same way at times. In my opinion, I would say the biggest chain is money. If you do not have money, you can't really live. People are not nomadic anymore. You need money for everything. That puts a chain from you to your job.

As far as stand-offish friends, they can be a chain too. I personally have friends that make me happy and others that feel like chains. Chains to my youth, the old things I used to do, the old ways I used to think. I find it hard to give up old friends, but sometimes you have to.

You will never be free. Best thing to do is work in a feild that you enjoy and be with people that share the same interests as you. They will not feel like chains because you will be happy.

Sometimes I feel like I was born a few centuries too late.
ddweb wrote:
Sometimes I feel like I was born a few centuries too late.

lol, me too! But I don't know how true that feeling can be, coz I guess the world hasn't changed all that much.
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