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Dreamweaver Help!

Does anybody else use Dreamweaver MX2004 for their site development???

I need a little help in developing a type of password protection so that only our present clients may download product manuals specific to that particular client.
I believe I need ColdFusion as well in order to create the database or something??

How do I go about accomplishing this task, considering that I am not a professional web designer or anything like that??
Here you can find some information about ColdFusion: .

We do not offer it on frihost. There are very few hosts that have it. (I never saw one) However, I heared a lot of good things about it.
Do you just want to make a members area on your website, Like on this forum, you have to login to make a post? If So, all you need is a php code.
Simulator wrote:
Do you just want to make a members area on your website, Like on this forum, you have to login to make a post? If So, all you need is a php code.

Not just a code but also a database to store them.
Well you dont really need a database if you use .htaccess and htpass. And they work great. You can set it up so that only certain users get access to certain directories. Use a G*oogle search for full instructions on how to set it up, there are many tutorials on the web about it.

A easy way to set up authentication via .htaccess files is using cPanel. Go into cPanel and there should be an option like 'Protected Directories'
Okay!...this is how I would like it...

When the user clicks on the "Manuals" button, a type of Log In page or pop-up comes up requesting the user to enter a Product Number (relative to the product they purchased, that we have provided) and a password (also specific to that product). Then depending on whether the info they entered has been validated, a single download page comes up with the link to download the specific product manual.

Mind you that some of our clients have purchase more than one of our products and I WOULD like to be able to provide a means for them to get all the manuals for which they have paid on one page instead of going through this process over and over.
But, this is how my employer said he wanted it so....that's how he'll get it. should be a bit easier this way to implement!

Now, I don't know if this is possible with .htaccess and .htpass, I'm still researching it's not looking THAT much easier than creating a simple database in access (which I've done already) and figuring out some way to do this in coldfusion. In fact, it's looking quite complicated using .htaccess and .htpass considering I can't use the basic 'username/password' method AND that I don't have control over the pop-up prompt layout.

Anyway....thanks for the help, I'll figure it out eventually.
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