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Review my site and give me feedback please

review my site please
Comments, Suggestions and feedback are will appreciated

SEOClark wrote:
review my site please
Comments, Suggestions and feedback are will appreciated


Your design is ok'ish...doesn't look amazingly good...but does the job and looks semi-pro...

What I'm more skeptical about is the fact that it is nothing more than a new interface for another site. I have three problems with this:

1: Does the other site know you are doing this and is it legally ok?
2: You don't make customers aware that they're leaving your site.
3: You don't make customers aware that the service you are offering isn't free, which means they in many cases will feel they wasted their time once they get to the paying bit.
I'll take the design end, although the questions of building a top page for a for pay site are already questionable.

Appearance looks not too bad. There is a problem with the top quick search box not lining up correctly in either FF or IE. The navigation tabs across the top look odd, because you use white in the space between the tabs, but the top border of the tabs is not consistently white... so it looks odd. The red on blue of the navigation tabs is not very contrasting.. causing the text to lose visibility.

Looks pretty good from there on down the page. The oversized grouping tabs of the content boxes look a little odd, but acceptable.

Looking under the hood at the code itself...

1. This page is not XHTML... not even close. Change your doctype to HTML4.1 transitional, and then start to hack away at the errors listed here:

2. table based layout... update to CSS layout
well its too bussy
a few tips:
1. you're creating a directory. why don't you supply more info on every link?
2. did you collect all of that info and then just put it all into 1 HTML file?? dude, use a database!
3. the design isn't pretty. it's gonna need a lot of work if you want your website to be appealing.
4. why would people want to use your website? you should decide what your main goal is, because currently it's just a collection of information, and it's easier to google than it is to use your site.

I'd suggest that you improve the interface and usability Smile
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