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Logo/Banner design for companies ?!?

Is this job a freelance one or is it possible to be hired by a company permanently as i need a steady income. I know i am a junior but i can do so many things with photoshop. Smile One's mind set on one objective can pull off an amazing creation!. Smile
I think you can try.some web design need some one to,research
some time ago my dad's company need to create a logo and disign for the calender. as the company is really small, they've searched for the firm with designers and he made them everything. but i guess, that big companies need to have some ppl who constantly design the advertisement compaign and such stuff. so i guess it's possible for you to find some job, good luck!
Good idea for job. You have inspired me Smile

I need one expert-designer who can make a logo for my website . If you can do anything related to this, feel free to visit my site and please make a logo for me. I will refer you to my friends, and you can earn some money, maybe. Laughing
Good luck and all the best, boy!
I think is hiring, but I think they need you to move to near their HQ.
Frankly, finding a place that would give you a stady pay could be challenging, but maybe if you can make some interest piking works, and put them on a site offering to do work, then advertise it, you might be able to get large groups of people asking for you to make things for them.
I think its hard to finda job doin graphcis but craigslist is a good place to look - good luck man!!!
internet job, that is hard to find. It is usually not that easy to earn money through internet. Especially for graphic. I ususally do graphic for people for free. If I charge $1 each. I could probably buy a super computer by now, lol.
as far as I know, you don't do "only logotypes" unless you are realy kick ass good at it, kinda means u gotta make urself a name.. the designers I know and work with do much more, complete designes for sites.. if you should survive on creating logotypes you must be rly good, charge alot so you make it trough the month.. and you must know more programs then photoshop, photoshop is good, but you need licenses for other design programs.. cost alot to get those..

wish you best of luck with this Smile
Azmo wrote:
and you must know more programs then photoshop, photoshop is good, but you need licenses for other design programs.. cost alot to get those..

For Logo/Banner design, you'll want to be familiar with a vector-based application, such as Freehand or Illustrator. These programs don't simply look at everything in pixels, but in vectors. In photoshop, if you enlarge a layer, it will appear blotchy and unclear because the pixels are being enlarged. In Illustrator/Freehand, almost everything you place will be in vector form allowing you to manipulate it more freely when resizing. You can google some stuff about these two programs. The newest one is Illustrator CS3, and I believe Freehand is discontinued now that Macromedia merged with Adobe.
i am designing a website for a toy business..where can we get some free logos related to children?
I would recommend going freelance at first. Best way for people to get to know you. Maybe put up a small site with a gallery of your work and things you can do. Then just work your way up.
the Civilian
Hm, I am interesting in graphic design. I though it was best to work with a design agency first who can manage you, then you get an idea of the industry, then you can do some freelance work. Or you can always join a group of graphic artists and work together.
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