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Do you chew gum?

Personally, I chew gum quite often. It makes for a pleasant taste, and an equally pleasant breath, so I don't really see the disadvantage there. The only thing, though, is that you have to be wary of 'gum-smacking,' or basically any sort of obnoxious, disgusting habits-that involve the aforementioned gum, of course.

I was just wondering what anyone thought about it. Good, bad, or even a waste of money?
Captain Fertile
The only gum I have ever chewed with any reglularity was the nocitine kind when I tried to quit smoking (again).

Other than that I don't use normal gum, its okay but I prefer chocolate!

Also I am a terrible gum swallower - especially Juicy Fruit gum, I can't chew it more than a couple of times before I have a real urge to swallow it because it tastes so nice. The human body can be wierd sometimes.

I do enjoy Big Red gum but its hard to find here in the uk.
kevin briggs
mOrpheuS wrote:
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Health Benefits of Chewing Gum

The popular perception is that chewing gum is bad for the teeth. However, many dentists (one source says 90%!) believe that chewing sugarless gum after meals actually has health benefits! Indeed, Wrigley's Orbit sugar-free gum was the first sugar-free chewing gum to be awarded accreditation by the British Dental Association (BDA) in recognition of its contribution to good oral health. The benefits arise from the fact that tooth decay occurs when essential minerals are dissolved from the tooth enamel by acids produced by the bacteria in plaque. Teeth are at their most vulnerable directly after meals and snacks, when plaque acid levels can rise dramatically.

Normally, it can take up to two hours for these acids to be either flushed away or neutralised, during which time the teeth are under attack. This is why people are extolled to eat something crispy like an apple immediately after meals.

However, chewing gum removes these acids within minutes, thus slowing down the process of tooth decay. One reason for this is that chewing can stimulate saliva production by up to ten-fold, thus flushing out oral bacteria. Furthermore, saliva contains hydrogen carbonate ions, a mild alkali, which serves to neutralise plaque acids. For this reason, hydrogen carbonate is used in some toothpastes. Saliva also contains minerals such as calcium, phosphate and fluoride - all components of tooth enamel - which can be assimilated and thus help to repair early decay and also strengthen tooth enamel.

Another theory is that amylase, an enzyme present in saliva, speeds up the digestion of carbohydrates in food
That's interesting. I never thought about gum's benefits in terms of enzymes, though. Whenever I heard that gum was supposedly good for oral hygiene, I presumed that the chewing action, along with the consistency of the gum, would dislodge food particles- a weird thought, but it made sense to me at the time.
i dont chew gum... makes me dizzy.

Just brush ur teeth? who knows.. i know some ppl who chew gum b/c they end up biting their nails or pen if they dont. gum chewing could be used for breaking a bad habit. ^_^
The Imperial College London team are developing a drug based on a natural gut hormone that mimics the body's "feeling full" response.

An injectible treatment could be available in five to eight years, but the long-term goal is to produce a form that can be absorbed in the mouth.

One in five adults are obese, but that could rise to one in three by 2010.

The hormone in question is called pancreatic polypeptide (PP), which the body produces after every meal to ensure eating does not run out of control.

Laughing This is from BBC news ...

Hope over 'obesity-busting gum'

Scientists are looking at whether an appetite-suppressing chewing gum could be used to tackle obesity.

Gum sure has health benefits. ...
yeah i chew gum quite a bit... i heard though that it promotes hydrochloric acid production in the stomach because it is preparing to digest (thinking there is something edible in the mouth) which can cause harm - dunno, just what i hears Confused

it ain't gonna stop me though! Very Happy
Lots of good points on this thread:

1) Chewing gum (like Orbitz or Trident) when sugarfree can be good for the teeth.

2) Chewing stimulates the stomach to make acid, which is not good for people with acid reflux problems when they chew it on an empty stomach.

And one that was not mentioned:

Chewing gum makes you swallow air. This leads to gas that makes you fart more, burp more, and have distended intestines. The effect is not necessarily dramatic, but if you are heading out to the beach in those swim trunks or that bikini and want your stomach to look as flat as possible, avoid chewing gum for a day beforehand!

And in general if you fart a lot maybe you should do your fellow human beings a favor and cut back on the gum for that reason, too. You can always use a toothbrush and toothpaste to work on those teeth. Smile
benjmd wrote:
Chewing gum makes you swallow air. This leads to gas that makes you fart more, burp more, and have distended intestines.

Hmmmm... didn't know that - i'll bear that in mind! Surprised
i like gum. so far i think its pretty healthy. although the tough kind hurts ur jaw after awhile. but yeah, i do that obese-gum thing too. im not even fat but i dont feel hungry! also ice works. cuz, i mean, its water.
i dont chew gum very often, and even wen i do its usually mentos, which isnt really gum. the times that i DO chew gum is mainly wen i need a quick breath-freshen. i did hear that chewing gum causes ur body to think its gona receive food 2, but i also heard that wen it doesnt end up gettin anythin, it takes sum part of the lining of the stomach (or sumthin like that) instead... Confused
I chew gum a lot, but I'm not supposed to. The reason for this is that I have TMJ, which basically means that the joints in my jaw are screwed up, for those who don't know. Chewing gum makes it a lot worse, to the point where I can't even eat without my jaw hurting. But despite this, I just can't seem to kick the habit.
meet in rio
I chew gum all the time. It stops me from pigging out unnecessarily, gets the gunk off my teeth if I've just eaten chocolate or something and usually stops my sugar cravings.
I only chew gum when I know my breath is stinking. Like say, after eating peanut butter or tuna or something. I don't do it for other people, I just hate the foul after-aroma that stays in your mouth - I'd rather have my breath feel 'fresh'.
I personally chew gum so that my breath doesn't smell, and
because it's just a nice thing to do. I never knew there were benefits,
but that's good to know. I should let my parents know :D
Be careful what gum you chew. Just because it's mint it doesn't mean it will make your breath smell better, in fact, it will make it smell worse. It has sugar, that's why. So get the sugarless gum, which isn't always the best but that's what works.

Some people are obsessed with gum. I'm asked like 3 times everyday if I have gum.
almost never, but it happes.. it tastes good, but never buy it unless I'm going for a long trip or something..
I love gum

I just hate :

1 : the mess it makes on the pavement (sidewalk to our US friends) when people spit it out
2 : Getting someone else gum on my clothes because they have stuck it somewhere....

In my home town (big shout out to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England!) they introduced some posters on the street that welcomed people to stick chewing gum on them.. (with a bun underneath in case it fell off)

They employed jokes and voting (one side of the line for yes, one side of the line for no) to encourage people to use it and it worked really well...

Nice idea if you ask me...

I'm opening another thread tho on chewing gum because I have a poll question of my own...
I chew a lot of gum, usually at least 6-7 each day. (at least I consider that a lot myself)
Been consuming these ammounts for at least 6 years by now, and unless theres some scientific studies that comes up saying it can damage your health I wont quit.
I use sugar free gum, and I guess I have hardened my body so the belly does not get confuzed Wink (I haev heard some get bad in the stumach if they chew too much gum)
I love gum! My husband however, hates the site of it. He chews it, but he can't stand the site of it chewed. He is Mr. Macho but the site of chewed gum makes him want to vomit. What a wimp!!
Look for sugarless gum with Xylitol as the ingredient, that's the sugar substitute that's supposed to be good for oral health. I chew Trident once or twice a day, have done that since I quit smoking on April 28, 2006. One year ago from tomorrow, yip-yip-hooray!!
A. A waste of money
B. Do you really think it can be good for your stomach for it to be preparing for food constantly and it never coming?
I love gum... in that kind of, yeah it's ok sort of thing. I like Big Red gum for the first 2 minutes I chew it... then it loses its taste, which I hate. I like other kinds of gum also.

I like to chew it in school mostly. I never used it to get rid of another habit though, because I really don't have any harmful habits such as smoking or anything. Overall, I'd say the worst downside to gum is losing the flavor too fast.

Sometimes I wonder if gum would make you lose weight in your chin or not... it seems like it would? Haha, imagining I guess. Besides the point, I have swallowed gum before and I'm not sure of the many myths about "swallowing gum". I've never intentionally done it either. To be honest, I understand why people put it under a desk instead of swallowing it... even if they have the chance to get up and throw it in a garbage can.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I was chewing Big Red once... about 3 sticks. After awhile it lost it's taste. I was about to go into Wendy's (fast food) and before I thought about, I just spit it out... on the ground. I looked down and said to myself "Well, geez I hope I don't step on it on the way out". What do you know... I stepped in it on the way out. So I had this huge big wad of gum on my flip flop. It was gross. Moral of the story: I learned not to throw the gum on the ground... or at least where I'll step in it myself...
I love gum too, and I don t think it s bad for you, just if you chew it too much.. and sometimes people look really dumb chewing gum like cows.. lol
Gum rules... it's like food, that's socially unacceptable to swallow, but socially rejoiced to use in general.

Im lazy, I swallow my gum...

Did I say lazy? I mean, I'm a rebel.
I love gums. I chew gums a lot. I prefer them over candy.
meet in rio
I've never seen anyone spit gum on the pavement and I've never done it myself, so I'm at a loss as to how it gets there. My town recently installed these truly weird teddy-bear-head recepticals for used gum on all the lamp posts.
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