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ADHD, a disorder beginning in childhood, characterized by a persistent inability to sit

still, focus attention on specific tasks, and control impulses, contributed by Michael Woods to

Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most

common mental disorders of childhood. Many children grow out of ADHD by adolescent or

adult years, but many do not. Studies show ADHD in adulthood is more severe and may cause

long term effects.

Diagnosing ADHD is very difficult, because most children are inattentive, hyperactive, and

impulsive at least some of the time. When diagnosing there is no blood test, or written test to

determine if ADHD is present. All there is are guidelines and an educated guess. The guidelines

include, A disturbance of at least six months during which at least eight of the following are


1. often fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat

2. has difficulty remaining seated when required to do so

3. is easily distracted by extraneous stimuli

4. has difficulty awaiting turn in games or group situations

5. often blurts out answers to questions before they have been completed

6. has difficulty following through on instructions from other

Do you have ADHD?
I have often thought ADHD was a myth, or rather an excuse for parents with kids that have high amounts of energy. Mainly an excuse to drug them so they do not have to deal with them. Now ADD I have seen first hand I have a friend who can carry on upwards of five phone conversations at once becuase his mind in effect never focuses on the frontward sound but rather the background noise.
ADHD isn't a myth, but it is a convenience used way too often.

However, shouldn't this be in a different section? I mean, how is it a religious/philosophical issue?

Captain Fertile
My middle son has ADHD. It has caused a host of problem, we triesd the drugs but took him off them after almost a year- they were really turning him into a shell.

The best thing we ever did was change his school, we did this when me moved back to England from Scotland. The school he is in now understand ADHD better than the old school who really struggled.

So now he is no longer singled out because he is behind the rest of the class he is actually top of the class in most things and has gone from being a ditraction in class to a model student in many ways.

We are so proud if him and also grateful to his wonderful new teachers.

I also agree this topic belongs in the health forum rahter than philosophy.
Moved into the Health and Beauty forum (the "Health" part seemed more fitting that philosophy Wink)
I have ADHD, man I am always bouncing off the walls and climbing them.


But anyways, it gives you enough energy for school and everything.
Well my brother has ADHD and he deals with it just fine. As for me, I have ADD, which means I have Attention Deficit Disorder. For those who don't know what ADD is, it basically means, I have ADHD without all the fidgeting and such.

~love: nIkKi
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