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WEBSITE DESIGNED - Will pay 800 frih$

Well, I'm working on a flash movie site, and I need help. I can't really get the hang of flash. I have a flash site right now ( ) but I want something cooler.

If I make all the banners and buttons and stuff.. Can someone do the effects for me?

I need a flash site also, where in Flash Pro 8, I can just delete the image(s) of the week, and replace them without messing up the whole flash movie.

I can give you all the info you need if you reply with questions, or if you PM me.
Do you want them custom made because I have a few templates that you can sue, here is one that I am currently testing,

If you want I can send you screenshots of the other templates, I will of course give you the template you want for free because they are normally free (I dont want to scam anyone Razz)

Hope to hear from you!
Well. I want something more like .. My current website is .. So, you can kind of see that I'm going for a lot darker look.
Will pay 1000 frih$!
I am not particularly good at using flash as I am not great with graphics but I do know a bit about it and to use your changing image you could simply dynamically load the image from a set page and then upload your image to that page with the same name each time you wish to change it.

I can't help you I am sorry but if you know anything about flash and the rest I recommend doing this yourself as people never do things exactly as you like.

Also I would only offer as many fri$ as you actually have. $600 is still a lot. Reduce your offer.
Well.. BY the time it was done.. I would have more.. I spend a lot of frih$, that's why I dont have a lot.
What if I added some flash to this,

Would that be good? If not its cool... Its just one that I had... Remember I can customize the content, the template does not have to say Homegrown GFX at the top Razz
Well, I'd pay 600-750 frih$ for that. But. The background would need to be solid black. The thing that says HOMEGROWN GFX and the bar below it would have to go.. And then the link would have to be solid images.. I can supply the pics.. Also. That looks like an html page. If you made the website into an swf. file, and supplied me with the fla. file, then I would do it.
Well, lol that is because it is HTML Razz And yes all the Homegrown GFX symbols would go away but a link back would be very nice. I will have to figure out how to add flash to it because I am not that good at it Smile I will change the background color to all black and I will send it to you. We will have to work something out.


And if any of this does not sound good to you please either reply back here or PM me and I would be glad to work it out with you....

How about this.. Keep it all HTML.. And add like.. A small music player somewhere, and make it so I can update the songs ( all songs will be through 1 record label that I have permission from ).. Doesen't matter how big the music player is.. Just as long as it works.. Also.. It would need a border so when people view it.. It doesen't mess up and go in differnet directions and stuff..

Here's what I need..

A small section for pics of the week ( not very big pics )

A section that I can edit for news

A place to write my sponsors..

A place to put my banner

sections for my links ( forum, pics, video ect.... ect.. ) view my site.. I think theres 5..
What type of play list would you be using?? Windows media player, realaudio, etc.....

Please tell me so I can add the player to the site...
check my flash site : (hosted at Frihost)
if you like what im able to do with flash, contact me.

i use to use action script in my flash sites.
Uh oh, looks like I am beat Sad Oh well, nice site and I hope things work out, that is if you dont want my site still....

No matter what happens thank you for considering me!!

Dakafall, I would rather your services.

Thanks anyways anticitizen1 for your consideration.

Anyways. I would probably want it JavaScript. The files would be MP3 format. But, if you can make an embdedded player in WMP that you could press pause, next, stop, then that would be pretty nice. I can supply the files links when needed.
Dakafall wrote:
Uh oh, looks like I am beat Sad Oh well, nice site and I hope things work out, that is if you dont want my site still....

No matter what happens thank you for considering me!!


this isn't not about who beats. is about helping ourselves
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