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Any software for building game application?

Any software for building game application?

I always be astonished with many games.

It's look very difficult to build it.

Thanks a lot.
reddishblue is the best for new people, just take some tutorials and you will be fine Wink
Darkbasic is really superb! Very Happy

It's a programming tool, but you'll learn very fast how to use it! Wink
Yes Dark Basic is a good tool... but it needs tons of coding...

where as a bit more advance would be 3D Game Studio lot more GUI based...

and ultimate gaming engine and platform would be Unreal Engine... Smile
Or you can learn to use the Blender Game Engine. Works like hell if you learn how to really use it Very Happy
I recommend using Blitz Basic it's really a good tool in creating game application but it requires a lot of coding knowledge.
Alias wrote:
I recommend using Blitz Basic it's really a good tool in creating game application but it requires a lot of coding knowledge.
When you're creating a game it's recommended that you can some coding anyways Wink
well, when you are a newb into game making, you can try game maker (

i tried that software a few years ago and it's easy to use and you can find many tutorials about it on the internet.So gamemaker is the only game making program i have tried but there is a new softwarepacket from microsoft ( i think it's for xbox 360, i'm not sure about it)

success with creating games Very Happy
You could also try out Microsoft XNA (what I think charysteos was referring to) Its for making games for PCs and Xbox.
Mr.NaviPacho - Main Blender site!
Blender Gallery - Look at this sweet stuff.
Blender is a 3D Modeling & Animation program but it can also be used to make games. If you are looking to make a really advanced game this is the best in my opinion. You will get it after a lot of tutorials and headaches but it is worth it. Feel Free to PM me if you decide to use it and I can point you in the right direction.

Note: For people who are reading this and already have Blender check the website they released Version 2.43 recently.
{name here}
Step 1: Buy Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, or any other valve product based on the Source engine
Step 2: Use Steam(which will come with your installation of a Source product) to download the SDK
Step 3: Download blender, audacity, and open modplug tracker. Get acquainted with the interface through a few tutorials at wikibooks.
Step 4: Go to the developers section of Valve software's homepage. You should get the rest of the information you need.

Source is a pretty nice engine to make games. You may think that all these steps will actually take longer to implement than Game Maker or some other program like that, but you've got all the programming for a powerful professional grade engine already done for you. If you don't want to spend the money for HL 2 and possibly Visual C++ you can always go for the less powerful Polymost Build engine(eduke32 or jfduke32 or dukester x) that powers community enhanced Windows based versions of Duke Nukem 3D, Goldsrc that powers Half-Life 1, and id software engines. Those should compile on the free open source compilers. - Source - GoldSrc - Polymost Build - id engines
@{name here}

thanbk you for ur pretty usefull information...


learned quite a few new things

Very Happy
For very basic gaming, you could try's Games Factory 2
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