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Poisoned Lips, Doomed Romances...

I used to think that the most significant dicotomy was between good and evil. It is prevelant in all our lives all the time. When you are a child this is one of the first lessons you learn. Good people. Bad people. What is right and what is wrong. You learn that you dont take a cookie because that is bad. You learn to be nice to your sister because that is good.

When you get older, hopefully you have learned these lessons so you can be a good person and know the right way to treat people and the wrong way to treat people. The dicotomy changes, however, to what you should do and what you should not do. This becomes the hardest internal struggle.

It is interesting to me how difficult it can be to choose what you should do and what you should not do. It is interesting how there are people that no matter how long ago you knew them, when they come back you realize that they were never gone. They have left a residue that is so heavy it cannot vaporize into nonexistence. It teases you about where you are now and how things could have been different. You just do not know if it could have been good or bad.

The most significant part of making these decisions is that what you should not do is always the most hedonistic. It is immediately reinforcing to do what you want and suffer the consequences later. We take one look at the tree and we eat the apple. I am not sure yet whether this is a choice away from satisfaction or the necessary reaction to learn what we need to eventually be satisfied.

In the meantime, I guess me and the snake will just be chillin eating the apples and telling God that we didnt believe in ghosts anyway...
I agree with you, mate. But with your last statement... think of it this way. It's an act of "Ok, well, this world is screwed, it can't be fixed, why bother?"... however, it's that exact mindset that made the world get worse... though we can never make this world peaceful and perfect, we have to try with all the faith and might we have, one little bit at a time, to keep the world alive.

Captain Fertile
When one person decides to make the world a brighter place he can affect one other person, these two people can then each affect more people and you never know, this exponential growth could change the world.

So never give up, just brighten your own part of the world - when others see how happy you are they will want a piece of the action. Smile
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