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Hot Fuzz

Anyone seen this yet?
Clips look extremely funny, but not sure if it's worth a trip to the cinema.
Captain Fertile
Hopefully I will be watching this very soon.

I saw a short clip on Top Gear and to be honest I wasn't at all impressed but after seeing a much longer trailer on the Tiscali home page I am now eagre to see it. I think the clip they showed on Top Gear did the film more harm than good, no clip would have been better than the one they showed. Jeremy Clarkson had to force himelf to look appreciative of the clip but I think he thought it looked rubbish too.

But the trailer left me hungery for more so job done I guess.

I was impressed with Shaun of the Dead - okay I loved Shaun of the Dead, and this looks like it could be as good. So fingers crossed it will be.

I'll be sure to let you know if I get to see it.

Watch this space...
Shaun of the dead was thι best zombie-movie i ever saw. Just perfect.

With 'Hot Fuzz', -an eagerly awaited movie among fans- they are boldly going where they hadn't gone before. I -for one- will definatly go see this one.

See the trailer here.
My favorite bit is when he jump-kicks the old lady in the face. Very Happy
Hot Fuzz is definitely worth seeing. It starts off a bit slowly... Funny throughout but the jokes aren't quite as quick fire as SotD.

But once you get to the end part the whole dynamic of the film changes and it is absolutely fantastic... I don't want to post any of what happens but go and see it... No, do.
Hi guys,
I'm helping Working Title films out in Australia and just thought I would let you know that the Australia website is now up and running at

The guys Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright will also be in Sydney on Monday, 12th March for the premiere of this film from around 6.30 onwards at the Greater Union cinema in Sydney's George Street - where they will be walking up a blue carpet, rather than a red one.

another link to the trailer^^^
I thought this movie was great (my full review is available here). It doesn't beat Shaun of the Dead, but then again, that's one of my favourite movies. I think Edgar Wright's direction really steals the show - he's a talented guy - but Pegg and Frost put in a great double-act just like they always do.

Check it out - it's not often we can boast about British comedies!
hot fuzz sounds cool i,m not missing this movie
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