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Estimate the worth of this system.

Shuttle SN26P barebones
Opteron 146
1Gb Corsair XMS RAM
1 XFX 7900GS
80Gb hard drive (Hitachi Deskstar)
DVD+-RW Burner

It is tiny (shoebox-sized), and is in flawless condition. I am trying to sell it, and I set the asking price at $650. Do you think that is too high?
werid setup it's not real setup for server but it's not setup for performance
Personally I wouldn't buy it for any price however $650 might be little bit too much

Also you're missing tons of info like what type of HD is it? PATA or SATA and some other info!
Also not sure what's shuttle SN26P but i know it's socket 940

Let's say you want to sell as server don't you think XFX 7900GS is too much?
I think you'll have hard time selling it especially after AMD dropped prices on all CPUs after release of AMD X2 6000+ also new 65nm CPUs on lower single core models too

THIS IS JUST MY THOUGHTS I don't have to be right you might sell it no time but hey good luck Smile
gotta agree with fadirocks here...its not really a gaming rig or server suited...not really anyways...

i think a price of ~500$ would be more likely to get you a buyer
No offense or anything, but niether of you know anything what you are talking about Laughing

SN26P's are gaming machines. They are socket 939, and were certainly not designed to be servers. It is the ONLY shuttle that supports SLI.

It is a moot point anyways, I found a buyer at my asking price.
Congrads, I found a kid to buy my old system too, Cheers
What's up ForceRun? Haven't seen you in a while!

What are the specs of your new system? Your old one had some really good specs, so I'm curious about the new one.
Yeap, I have been a little busy.

With that free Mobo and Video card from the GeForceLan I built a Conroe system. It just rocks! Using my old Hard Drives, PSU and such from my old system my new system only cost about $700

CPU: E6600 Core 2 Duo! Stock 2.4 Ghz, current OC 3.6GHz! w/ Zalman Air Cooler
eVGA GeForce 7900 GT (Prize from GeForce3Lan) w/ Zalman Cooler
2Gb DDR2 800 RAM 4-4-4-12
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatality Pro (Holy Sweet Sound)
eVGA 680i MoBo (Prize from GeForce3Lan)
PC C&C 510 PurePower PSU
Thermaltake Aguila Case (Black)
18x DL DVD burner w/ light scribe ($30 from Newegg!)
Total of 1.3TB Hard drive space, 4x 250GB SATA 3 GB RAID 0 + 320GB drive
Running WindowsXP
19inch Mag Inv. LCD
Logitech G5 Mouse
Logitech G-15 LCD Keyboard USB

My New system is about 15x times fast than my old 3700+ AMD
I want to get a GeForce8 but I can't justify the cost, because my single 7900GT plays everything out right now full out.

The Conroe is a lot faster decoding video, and playing with the two cores lets you set a program to run off a single core and do twice as much.

I have been running of my SB Auduigy 2 Gamer card and really didn't think the X-Fi would be any better. I was wrong, it makes a world of differance. If you like sweet sound grab the X-Fi, can't explain it, just try it out.

Whats your new system?
Well, right now I am on a 12" Dell laptop. I won a $300 watercooling system from a technical article I wrote, so I'm going to be building a system with an e6300, Gigabyte DS3, 2Gb PC8500 OCZ RAM and an eVGA 7800GT later this month. I'm modding a TT Matrix to accommodate the watercooling, and the 12" LCD I am modding into the case Very Happy

The X-Fi is that good? I might have to upgrade then, my Audigy is old in comparison...
Did you already buy all the parts for your new system, the e6300 is a sweet CPU but I would go with the e6600 if you have the money, the 2 MB of L2 cache helps out a lot in games. Good work on getting the water cooling system! I say go with the X-Fi, if nothing else it really inproves on watching DVDs, and you can get for 7.1 swround sound off any cheap headphones, which is outstanding. You can get the base one for only $80 or so, and it will do everything that mine will. I paided a little more so I could get the front panel and remote, so I can use it for turning my system into a media PC. Which works great.
I already ordered, I'm doing all assembly and modding next week (it is spring break for me).

The e6600 is amazing! It was just a bit out of my budget though, so I went with the 6300. I probably won't need the added L2, I don't do too much that would justify 4Mb L2 (I was fine on 1Mb L2 with my Opty).

I'll see if I can scrape up enough to upgrade to the X-Fi in April, once I am a bit better off financially.
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