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*singing* I fought the mud, and the mud won.

So, here's some pictures of my most recent off-roading.
You might think it was a bad experience getting stuck, but I'd been trying to find out just how much my jeep could handle for almost 2 years now. (And had not been able to until now.)

To begin with, allow me to introduce you to my jeep; a '97 Grand Cherokee (ZJ) Orvis Edition (which means it has all the options, including a V8)

Here's my first major obstacle; a relatively steep hill (for Florida) covered in extremely soft sand.

It wasn't a problem for my jeep:

Later, (or perhaps my memory is faulty and this was earlier) I turn around to head for another hill:

The next hill was, though not as steep, more challenging, and took two attempts:

Then I decided that I was done warming up and ready for the real challenge. It doesn't look bad, but this is usually underwater and it has a very soft, slippery texture. I wasn't worried about getting stuck; I had been through the same spot dozens of times (when there was more water).

I had almost gotten all the way through before my miscalculation caught up with me: this mud was actually worse when it was more dry than usual; it was still wet just a couple inches under the surface.

After struggling with it for a while, it became obvious that I had finally managed to get my truck thoroughly stuck. This mud was so nasty that I had trouble walking in it. I almost lost a shoe when my foot got stuck in it.

It has a happy ending after all, though. It required a heavy truck with a winch, but I did get pulled out. Now I have the valuable knowledge of just what my truck can handle.
Thats a good photo series. It was a bit like reading a story. Smile
Nice pictures and that is too bad you were not able to get the car out of the mess Sad

At least now you know what you can handle with that jeep. Very Happy

Now the car needs a bath Wink
Did you make any pictures when the truck pulled out your car?
^Just the last one there. My truck's shadow hides the chains by making them blend into the background. Also, the image is a little blurred and scaled down.
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