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medical tourism site

I wonder, which information will be enough to convice you to pack and go into one of medical-tourism destionations in the world?

I was on some of the best google ranked for that keyword and didn`t see information which will make me do anything exept stop loading site.

Couple months ago my friend started polyclinic in Belgrade, Serbia, with wide range of medical services provided from some of most appreciated doctors in bussiness from the Balkans.

In last couple years we have good cooperation with domestic and international touristic agencies and we are thinking to offer very affordable medical-tourism services in Serbia.

Initial site is already available at

Any feedback will be apritiated.
Hi i am from Serbia and i dont know will anyone come on that i mean that here people worry about other things not some turist trip.But anyway maybe there is still a few that will come.I will be glad if you come to visit us.Beograd is a great sity and very preaty but that is nothing at compere with Novi Sad!Ask your friend maybe he saw Novi Sad and ask him what he think about that sity?
First let me say that this is an interesting concept. I've never heard of medical tourism before you mentioned it.

Now on to the site.

The first thing I see is a dandelion and lots of very blue background. I'm a little confused as there is no logo, no information on what medical tourism is, and it looks like one of those squatter pages with lots of affiliate links, but no content.

Hoping to find a better site hidden behind the front page, I clicked on medical services and was promptly greeted with a white page, no navigation, and a light blue logo for something. There were no links that I saw, just this. I would definitely change this.

Then there were other links that looked like they had something to do with tourism, Cities, Spas, etc., however, it really wasn't what I wanted to know. I wanted to know WHAT medical tourism is and then WHY it is important. I never found that, but I surmise that it has something to do with traveling to go to go to a spa or something.

There seem to be many problems with this site:
1. The user can't tell what the site is about within the first 4 seconds.
2. The text is not written for the web. It needs to be scannable. Right now, it takes a long time for me to read through it all.
3. More images! Show us why we want to go there.
4. What is the purpose of this site? Is it to sell you a medical trip? Is it to encourage you to find your own way to Serbia? I have no idea!

There are more, but I don't have time right now to get into it all. I would strongly suggest that you go through this checklist and fix the problems that you check off.

Good luck on your site!
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