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All who like good rpg come

Hi rpg are my favorits kind of games i like to play so i want to share some realy cool game with you its called Lineage2.Probably a lots of you allready hear about this game but anyway visit this link,its free to download and if you want to play on offical server you have to pay,but there is a lots of private server i wont post tham here but you will find tham easy!!!Let me know if someone like it!!!
there are lot of rpg around m8 and a cool one is coming out the first rts and rpg in 1 game
SUN Soul of the ultimate nation
its traileer is ammasing check it out at gamespot
other good rpg are the elder scrols oblivion series
ammasingly cool
did u ever tryed ff8 its one of my favorites oldest rpg i ever played
When i say RPG i mean more on MMORPG but i like and RPG too i use to play Gothic 2,Knight of The Temple,Dungeon Siege,Dangerous Lords...and a lots more
Linegae II is great but it just makes me want to go back to Diablo every time I play it for some reason (yes I know they are very different). Did you here about l2extreme being seized by the FBI? Shocked My friend used to be GM on that server.
A lots of private server use to be take down by law goverment and that why thay use steal emulator called L2OFF and that is develop from L2 stuff, and was ilegal to use that for emulator and all server that use that kind of emulators are wiped.Anyway there is another emulator that is completly legal its called L2J in where J represent Java and that kind of server are legal as a mather of fact i am GM on one server that use that kind of emulator!!!

Diablo has a cool game story,but graphic suck! Crying or Very sad
Well, must say that first of all, L2 should be marked as a MMORPG in the thread name, rather than an RPG, since there's one large differrence betweent those.

That said, Diablo has a good story? Not really. It's a lovely generic way of "motivating" someone to go hit things. The whole plot consists of "Diablo, one of the three great demons, got out to this world, which, by the way, seems to be constantly covered in darkness, and you're a random uberhero that has just happened to be passing by when it all happened. You're obviously uber, since you will succeed where others from our town have failed. That, or maybe it's your ability to do corpseruns". Meh.

D2 has a better attempt at making a story, I admit, but Action/RPGs aren't even supposed to have much of a plot to begin with. If you really want a good RPG, try Fallouts, Baldur's Gate series, Torment or NWN (especially the expansion packs, since NWN OC is as bland as fantasy can be).

As for L2, I'd probably prefer playing on an official server anyway, not only would I not need to worry about people busting me for TOS infringements, I would actually be getting functional content - from what I've heard from a couple of my friends, private servers and emulations are pretty buggy and lack much of what's there in the real thing.
Back when I played RPG's I loved Baulder's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. I haven't played in a long time though, so I don't know what new offerings are out there these days.
Man, I wish I had time to spare to play these MMORPGs. I know Lineage was big in Korea a while back. I wonder how well the second one is doing there.
Patriot Players
I heard this game could get quite boring, had a lot of friends who played it and switched back to games like EQ after a little while.
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