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Please close - Feedback on my chocolate/candy project

Captain Fertile
Dear Mods

I have discovered this old thread I created about my candy exchange site - please close this thread I will just use the other one - sorry!

Okay, I have got the latest version of my pet project online at last.

I am looking for ideas to add to the site and reports of any errors on the content or problems viewing in certain browsers and screen resolutions etc.

A lot of you guys have put so much effort and support into this project so I thought I would allow you to see it first in it’s embryonic condition.

There is a TON of work still to do and the Library and articles sections have a lot more stuff to add.

At the moment it is just a working version to get some of the first teething problems resolved so feel free to go there and check it out.

I am not trying to win any web design awards for my cutting-edge design – I just want a site people can use a lot and enjoy the information on there.

I am not looking for anyone offering to design stuff for me so no offers of design services BUT your feedback is welcome as long as it is constructive.

Of course if you can think of content or items I could add to the site let me know. Content submissions may be something I will be paying for in the future but at the moment I am happy to keep tinkering.

One of the main parts of the site, the forum, is not yet in place. This is the section I will require plenty of help with so some FriH$ will be available once I get that going.

Once the forum is sorted so as to make me happy, once I have added a few more articles, added parts to all the club sections and the Library is added to and updated the site will go live.

This is a little way off yet but anyone interested in giving me feedback should see the improvements and changes being made in the testing version available on my FriHost Account.

There is a link to the latest version of my project at:

(or simply click my banner on my sig).

Thanks guys, I hope you like the idea of the site.
Very nice! I could definatly see myself spending several hours on your site! The idea is great and you have great content already! let me know when you have it done so I can spend some time there =D! keep up the good work!
Captain Fertile
Thank you so much for your kind reply. I really want to provide a site people will want to visit time and again, not just for the forum but for the information regarding international candy.

I'm pleased you like the content I have on there so far it has been a LOT of work and effort (made easier by people here at FriHost telling all about the candy in their own country).

I want members to be excitied by visitng the the candy library, seeing what candy is available from where. Creating a list of candy they would like and arranging mutual exchanges with other members from the nations which produce that candy.

The exciting thing about candy is, take someting as international as a Kit Kat bar - even if you country produces only the plain commin old variety Kit Kat bar, your own countries will taste differnt (and be packaged differently) to the same bar in other nations due to local available produce and differences in ingredients due to local laws and availability, or just local tastes are different.

This project really could be an exciting club for many people.

It is very ecciting to get a package of candy delivered from someone in another country, especially someone you have invested time to build a friendship with.

I want to foster friendships as well as just swapping candy.

I just wish there was some way of involing younger people in the club (people under 18 years of age) but I can't see how I can do this will protecting them and other members.

I will of course welcome them to every other aspect of the club apart from the membership only areas.

There is a whole lot more coming for this site so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks once again for the feedback. Very Happy
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