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Is it possible that you HURT sm1 coz of YOUR LOVE 4 him/her

As a deep appreciater of true love and the ones falling in love with each other...i have been a keen observer of the love stories going around me!
lately i just cam around to know a situation where a guy left the girl he really loved leaving the tears and pain in her eyes just because of the reason that the Guy loved her a lot and he realised that if they keep going with each other...the girl is going to get hurt more.. and he wanted to keep her safe from the emotional disaster he could foresea!!
well it seems quite different but at the same time quite an interesting approach.. i dont know what to say but i want to know what YOU say about this!!
How do you comment this...was it good or bad on the guy's her decision of leaving that girl is justified..
Have you come accross such a situation ever in your life!!
Let me know..Let US know the logics behind such an action!
Captain Fertile
What situation could produce such a drastic approach.

Leaving someone you love because you can see them being hurt - the only way I could see this is if they were married to or deeply invlolved with someone else and there was no future for the relationship.

In this case it is usually the best option to cut the relationship short if the other person is also happy with their exisitng partner or if you want to take a step back.

I would need to know more about the specific circumstances in this case to be able to comment further.
I know this situation.

My ex hurt me, because she thought it would be better to say me what she said. It was a mistake.

I think you cant heart someone because of love not by mistake.

You wouldnt be able to get in relationship if you knew, you would hurt sm1. Because in every relationship you hurt sm1
I find your explanation of the situation confusing, so let me know if this is correct:

1) THey loved each other.
2) He knew that she would fall deeper in love with him
3) He knew that the more in love with someone you are, the more you would be hurt if things ended
4) He assumed things were going to end at some point
5) Therefore, he chose to end them sooner than later to minimize her hurt (#2 and #3)

But let's step back -- he was in love with her and she was in love with him. I don't get #4 -- why did things have to end? You didn't explain this. To break up with someone just because you just *assume* things will end at some point is retarded. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that will leave you alone for the rest of your life. If he had a reason to think things wouldn't work out (different religions, irreconcilible differences, etc.) then it was a smart move, but if his only reason was that he just has this disaster complex then he is stupid. Very stupid. He needs to stop thinking like that for his own sake and that of the girls he dates.
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