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What audio editing software/s do you use?

Fright Knight
What audio editing software/s do you use?

Me? I use WAVEPAD 3.02. this is where I record my voice and other nonsense that i said when I have nothing to do. hehe. So may I know what audio editing software/s do you use?
The majority of replies will probably be Audacity. But most people here are occasional editors, not professionals, so they are likely to choose the best low-cost solution; Audacity. I also use Audacity but I like Cool Edit Pro better.
It really depends where I am.

If I'm in the studio, I use Protools. For my personal stuff, it's a mix between Cubase and Reason.

For the radio station, we do all of our stuff in Adobe Audition, but we record shows on the station's only mac using Audacity.
(Adobe bought Syntrillium; Audition is their new version of Cool Edit Pro. Another nice company swallowed, imho.)
Audacity. I use open-source for everything where possible.
{name here}
I use two if you can consider one to not be an audio editor. First I use Audacity, but sometimes I like to compose music and so I use the Open Modplug Tracker.
Lately I've just been using Cubase and sometimes I use SoundForge also but I've got so used to the Cubase layout that I basically use it 99% of the times now. I've never heard of Audacity before though, I might try out a demo of it one day to see if I like its workflow.
There's no demo, it's free so you get the full version right away. But compared to professional stuff it's still got a long way to go.
I use Sony sound forge i think sound forge the best of all audio editors
not hard to use its easy and quick to learn it .
Audacity is great, very flexible. If you use it for a long time you get really good at manipulating audio within that specific GUI as well. Essential peice of kit Audacity is, you can do so much with it considering the simplicity.
I use Cool Edit Pro and Goldwave.

Goldwave I use for small jobs.

As said previously it depends realy on the level of audio processing that is required.
There are probaly more audio editors available for download than most other apps!
Studio Madcrow
I don't edit much audio, but I do use Audacity for it's handy ability to serve as a digital "tape recorder" for internet radio.
I only play around with sound occasionally so buying a sound program is out of the question. I've been using Audacity since almost it's beginning, when I first tried it on a Mac in Classic--now I have it in Ubuntu Linux.
When I first got on 'pooters in '99, my friends had SoundEdit on a Mac which they paid big bucks for--they were serious sound artists. I got to play around with it once in a while, and as I remember, it had quite the same interface as Audacity does now so having a free program that does the same as a high-end program of a few years ago feels good.
Fright Knight wrote:
What audio editing software/s do you use?
Me? I use WAVEPAD 3.02. this is where I record my voice and other nonsense that i said when I have nothing to do. hehe. So may I know what audio editing software/s do you use?

I use FlexiMusic Wave Editor, an easy to use audio editor with more options for recording and editing.
when i do audio editing, its mainly for random stuff at home (nothing professional) so windows audio editor (or whatever its called) is fine for that...if that doesnt work, audacity it is...easy to use and free...doesnt get better!
I use Sound Forge 8.0 - nice program.
Nero Wave editor is for me... as I dont do a pro job, so Every day hope record and editing is fine with this software... and its comes with the Neor Package... Smile

I like the software..

also Sound Forge is a great tool too... but a paid one and higher in price...
I used Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab, SoundForge, Cool Edit (now Audition) and Nero Wave Editor.

I must say that I really liked SoundForge and Audition.

I found Wavelab confusing and too deep for my level.

Cubase and Nuendo were PERFECT!!!

If I could just get my hands on ProTools, cuz I heard so much good stuff about it. (But then again ProTools is hardware dependant Sad )
used to like SoundForge before got swallowed by Sony
same thing with cooledit before it got swallowed by Adobe
Also used SoundEdit on the apple OS but it got swallowed by Macromedia then Macromedia got swallowed by Adobe

out of the top SoundEdit was awesome compared what was offered back then but it was only for Mac

Right now i don't do any audio editing or recording but last time it was Adobe Audition
I have used Sound Forge and Acid pro for some time now and feel both are awesome when it come to audio editing. Sound forge also supports some video formats but can't help much with video editing.
I usually use Audacity, which I consider a very good audio editor

Surely it lacks some useful functions used by professionals, but for these there are other programs (such as Adobe Audition) with other prices... Wink

Currently I use Nuendo 1.2 and Cubase 3. They're both pretty great programs, and if used with good hardware they're quite capable. I do a lot of multi-tracking so that's why I need actual professional software. Nuendo has a lot of capabilities that I don't really use, though, since it's mainly for post-production of soundtracks and what-have-you. Still nice.
I also use Wavepad. It is very easy to use. I have used Adobe Audition. You are able to do much more things but it is hard to use and expensive. I haven't yet try Sony Acid Pro. Can any one tell me what it contains and how hard is it to use.
I do the occasional editing and Audacity works fine for me! I believe you can do fancy stuff with mplayer and mencoder too if you are good with command line stuff.
I use Audicity for both fun and for work. It does everything I expect of it, and it's free. Can't ask for anything more than that. Very Happy
I use Sony ACID Music Studio. Most of the audio work I do is recording songs, and this program does it's job great. It lets you add multiple tracks for layering sounds, and has plenty of different effects and controls. I really like using it.
there are 3 softwares i used for the open source i used audacity and for the commercial i used the adobe audition and sound forge 8..... great tools for audio sometime i create my own ringtone in the bulit in composer of audition......good for batch processing too and compressing mp3s Shocked
I use Audacity and Sony Soundforge. I find Audacity quite useful, though its noise removal isn't quite up to scratch yet (hence why I use Soundforge).
Cool Edit Pro works for me well, i've tried using and i won't gamble it, for now.
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