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Importing mails from Outlook express to Outlook - 2 computer


I hope that someone may help me.

On my old computer, I was using Outlook express. Before transfering all my datas and reseting my old computer, I have saved my outlook express mails and I have them in .dbx format.

I thought that I had Outlook express on my new computer, but I thought wrong, and I only have Outlook. Crying or Very sad

And of course, my old outlook express was pre-installed and I can't seem to be able to find the installation CD. Most probably, I have already throw it away as I was moving so in a "heavy throwing mood" sometime ago.

So, now, how can I have my old emails back? Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance!
If you have internet explorer, you propbably have the outlook express too, maybe the icon is hidden or deleted, but oE maybe is there...

Are you in a MS.Win environment ?? or emulating ?

anyway, if you're in windows, check this path

C:\Archivos de programa\Outlook Express\ (sp)
C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\ (en)

look for msimn.exe, that's the file that runs ms-outlook express...

maybe, is there... and remember I said "maybe"...
you can always install outlook express from your windows cd (if you still have it)

also, whcih version of outlook are u trying to use? 2000 or 2003 or later?
ronald.helpdesk wrote:

look for msimn.exe, that's the file that runs ms-outlook express...

Dancing Yeah ! I have found the directory Outlook express but there is not msimn.exe there.
However I can see a Setup50. Should I run it ?

orno wrote:
also, whcih version of outlook are u trying to use? 2000 or 2003 or later?

I have Outlook 2000 Smile
Hi again,

I've tried to run the Setup50, but nothing happen... Something must have been corrupted ?
Go to Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs->Add/remove Windows Components.

You will find Outlook Express in there. If the box beside it is already checked, uncheck it, restart the pc, go back in and put a check in the box beside it again. This will reinstall it. If there is no check in the box beside it, then just put a check in the box and it will install Outlook Express for you.
Thanks !!!! It worked !

I now have outlook express and outlook on my computer and have been able to find back all my emails.

Thanks again !
Sweet, glad to hear it.
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