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pay rise?

G'day, I've never asked for a pay rise before, and I think I should have. Anyway, here is my situation:

I'm a Data Analyst by title, but my position is more in the data maintenance (not data entry) and dba side of things. I think.

My Job:
- In my current role I've got around 22months of experience. I'm what they call at work a senior DA, though I've never had a pay rise to suit (besides CPI which isn't a payrise, and last year I think it was below CPI).
- I'm contracted by my company to a client that pays roughly $250,000 to my company for my services.
- I have (mainly tech/network support) experience predating my job that comes in handy every day.
- My qualifications are as follows: Diploma in eBusiness, Redhat Certified Tech (not needed in current position), administration courses in certain proprietry software (for the system I maintain), other mutliple short courses in DB design.
- My professional experience before this job is as follows: 1yr Tech support for an ISP which wasn't going down some flow chart crap, 2yrs network support for around 150 clients. Other freelance work which looks good on a resume.
- Am I replacable? Not easily. The knowledge which I have is only really gained through experience. If I left in 4 weeks, they'd defenitely feel it. They have 5 new people which they need me to help train, so I figure I'll ask for a pay rise before they get trained, and it's not an easy job to just come into because of the terminology of the industry.
- I've received 2 awards for performance, the last one was as recent as early this month, personally by the CEO of our 3000 person nationwide company. This was for the recovery of a catastrophic failure, which is potentially life saving (the databases are based around maintenance of certain structures). The award stated something about asserting the good image of the company to the client.
- Where I am currently based, I am doing the job of what two people did last year.
- Billable services are 8hrs a day/40hrs a week. I work around 42-46hrs these days because simply, things have to get done. I start work at around 7:30 and leave anywhere from 3:30 > 5:30 some days. Though they are pretty flexible if I tell them I need to take 4hrs off or something (just have to work that back during the week, which isn't an issue because of my average hours/week).

My role includes the following:
- Data maintenance with faults in system (sql), reporting of faults in the system (logging), problem solving with faults in the system (fixing - could be anything from xml issues, data issues, program maintenance, software design faults, DB structure issue resolution).
- Data updates within the system (creation of data packets which isn't as simple as it sounds)
- Managing 6 seperate servers, with multiple db's at 6 different sites.
- General support to client(s).
- Writing SOPs for clients & other employees of my company, these range from the minor 5 page docos to roughly 30 pages.
- Streamlining tasks - I've created some programs which change what would usually take around 4-6 weeks to do, to a few hours.
- Manage Backups, restores, recovery.
- Some Security aspects of DB.
- Testing/reporting of just about everything software related to do with our DBs (patches, data models, etc).
- Creation/maintenance of BI report templates for clients.
- Ass saving. Wink
- Logging, health checks etc.
- Every now and then, as I have done previously, I have set up training environments of ~20pc's for instructed classes. Once on a deadline of 3.5days.

Anyway, there are a few things I know I've missed. I'm currently on 47k, living in Sydney. It really isn't enough, and I think I'm worth more. Two people of equal position have left the company in the last 6 months and they were asked how much they wanted and offered off the bat 60k, I have more knowledge than them. I don't have a degree, but I have a wealth of practical knowledge from both professional experience, and just historical experience (for simple example: try getting some of these people at work to use dos or create a batch file for whatever reason, useless).

1. I'm thinking going for $60-70k, but only because I want 60k (I expect them to offer less than I ask for). Your thoughts? What's net pay after income tax on that?
2. I have never written a letter requesting a pay rise, whats the standard format/way of asking? I don't want to put in there "I'm going to look for another job if you don't give me what I want" but im perfectly willing to tell them that in person. To be frank, a CPI pay rise after 1.4yr of good service is insulting considering what I have done.
Wow, I guess I'm lucky. I get an annual performance review and over the past four years, I've recieved a pay increase of at least 6-12% each year.

Well, I wish you luck.
I have a similar job I think and I make about 50K, but I've noticed around here that there are plenty of job openings that advertise 60-80K. My company's been good to me though, so I'm giving them a chance and sharpening my skills a little before seeking out more money.
Perhaps it is better to talk rather than write? I find it eaisier because you can always explain more when your manager is in doubt of certain point you made.
If it was me i would definatly do it in person. I would talk confidentiallly with my manager and lay all my cards out on the table, make notes before you go in, and if it is not going your way make sure to bring up the two that left, you should be able to at least get what they were offered.
Yes I also think you should talk to ur manager in person.

There is much lesser chance of any confusion. Moreover you can tell him ur exact point, with a letter/application he might misunderstand or something.

Once you had talked with the manager and get the initial response, you can write a formal letter if needed.

Best of luck.
So what happened?

By now i am sure the situation has passed and i am curious to know what happened.
I think it depends on what's important to the company and how they value their workers it sucks though. How has everything turned out?
i wish u guys love it
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