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Halo2 on xbox..

hi, i am having a problem i believe that the black elites are called spec ops but my mate say they are white.. but i have to halo2 book and it says they are black.. but when i reasearch o the internet it says they are actually white :-S i was woundering if there was any Halo2 fans here that can help me proove my friend or me wrong.... thanks dan....

(still think there black)
Why not just play the game and find out? I haven't played the game in such a long time that I don't remember. I remember blue, red, and yellow. In ranks. The special Ops? Hmmm, I don't really recall much of balck or white. They might have been invisible most of the time. Don't recall their colors.

Yes indeed, play and find it yourself. I still play a bit Halo 2 on Xlink Kai.
i have been playing it.. but i just wanted to know if anybody here new... as i can't see either white or black.. unless there appear on a higher level setting...
yeah I was thinking about the same thing. I remember from Halo 1 that the SpecOps elites were black. But then there are SpecOps elites in black in halo 2. My guess is that the white ones are of higher level than the black ones.
Klaw 2
golds are (i think) the very highest rank the command armies ships etc, silver ones are coming next like half jaw in halo 2.

plucked this one from:

Spec Op Elite:
Silver Armor. The Silver Armored rank seems to have replaced the old Spec Op [Halo 1 Black Armor] rank. Get them pissed, and they'll pull out an Energy Sword and ram it up your rear end. They also come equipped with improved Energy Shielding.

Black Op Elite:
Light Brown Armor. These are the Elites with Active Camouflage modules. Elites can now wear a weak Energy shield along with active camouflage.

Spec Op Commander:
White Armor. These guys lead Spec Op teams, and are in charge of important but small-scale operations. Like the Spec Op, the Commander Spec Ops also carry Energy Swords, and improved Energy shielding.

Warrior Elite:
Black Armor. These guys seem to be included in special operations, for important, heavy-duty tasks. Whenever the odds are against the Covenant, these guys seem to be there.

Black ones are the toughest to fight with in my opinion, and you dont come acros of golds so dont really know about them.
why do you people play this game again? no offense. I personally don't play as you can tell but many of my friend do and they watch these videos of people playing Halo 2. They call them Mantages or something like that. What are they? How do they make them with an Xbox?
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