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Highschool Friends

I'm currently highschool right now and I have several really really close friends in my (exclusive) school. I just want to survey if how many think that we'll still be able to keep in touch after graduating. Y'know, if there's one thing I can't let go, it's friends. Wink So, just a survey, how many of you still have your highschool friends on your schedule (as in you do stuff together) or you keep in touch with them? Smile
Your close friends from High School are the only thing you'll really keep. Just a handful of them. You may not be able to get together with them as often, but during the times you do, it will be great.

Your acquaintances? Your friends that you talk to but do not hang out with regularly, those people you will probably never see again. It sucks, but you'll forget them and find replacements. They'll do the same for you.

Of course, everyone's situation is different. But in my experience, this is how it usually works out.
All my Highschool friends are now aquintances, I found new friends on my Uni. I see my old highschool friends on the bus or when I go out. But it isn't the same as it was.

People change, people grow, people find new friends.
Those at Uni are usually the ones you know for a long lon time after you leave Uni. Mostly because you have the same interests and follow the same courses you'll find it easier to make new friends.
Captain Fertile
I am not in touch with any of my old friends from school. I had a number of very good friends but I lost contact with them very quickly after leaving school.

I relly regret it now becuae it would be nice ot be back in touch with them but I can't see any of the old names I used to hang out with on Friends Reunited.

I even missed a school reunion they had and sadly the school is no longer even there anymore - long since closed and demolished. Crying or Very sad
I'm on my 2nd year of college. I still meet my high school friends once in a while. I love them so much. Though we don't see each other as often as before and are having a hard time keeping in touch, nothing changes. When we gather, it's as if we've never been really apart. The closeness remains. And they are still the ones with whom I can open up everything. Well, I've spent, so far, 1/2 of my life with them anyway (from elementary to high school). So we're still tight. We agreed to meet once every week, but not lately. We've been busy. we agreed to meet as soon as we're free.

I hope you remain in contact with them. Friends are truly priceless.
of course, there's some people that i'll miss a lot, but I'm not the type of person to dwell on, more or less, "things of the past"....basically, I never got too close to anybody to miss them so much...
I try not to get close to kids my age for some reason. Adults are usually more reliable.
It has been over 30 years since high school for me and I still see my best bud , Mojo, on a regular basis. We met in 8th grade and have been best friends ever since. We both even moved to the same city over time and live only 3 miles apart.

Of course, every other friend from high school or college has disappeared. But Mojo and I still get together.
It's not age that counts, it's just who you like

I don't keep friends or lose friends because we're near each other, with the advent of bebo etc. I just lose touch because I don't like them
Whilst at high school I always thought that my classmates would be my friends forever. But then comes university and things change. You have new experiences and meet new people and life becomes a whole lot more interesting. It's been nearly 10 years since I've left University and I'm still really good friends with my uni mates, and haven't seen my high school mates for over 10 years.

Although, there are now rumours of a reunion.
I'm in the same situation this year. Were all leaving and heading off to College. I have some great friends that I know I will still talk to and will continue to out with them on a regular basis. However there is some people I know and are really great, but I wouldn't be that friendly so I just figure I'll ask them for their Instant Messenger info to keep in touch.
I still keep in touch with my one high school friend, but I commute to college and he no longer goes to school, so we still live the same distance apart.

However, many people in my college will come back from holidays saying that they spent time with their high school friends during the break, and how great it was to see them again. So, yeah, you'll probably still keep in touch with your high school long as that's what you want.
mmm.. friends are important. i still manage to gather some together and hang out sometimes. we all busy schedules... considering our work load and all >_> its like what.... 2-3 hours (not counting sleep) off for the whole week.
I'm in my fourth year in my university now and there aren't very many people from my high school that I still keep in touch with. My two closest friends from high school I still talk to over AIM and we meet up very rarely. It's also difficult to meet up with them becuase of how far we are now when we are at school.

Now that I'm almost finished with college, the same thing will probably happen agian with my college friends. But being back in my home town, I can proabbly get reaquainted with my old high school friends.
Most friends come and go, but some are so special to you they stay with you forever.

I still keep in touch with my high school friends. Actually they're the only close friends i have. Others that I've met in college, we lost touch once the semester ends.
I've actually just started freshman year in college, and a lot of my friends right now are the ones I had from high school... At this point it seems like we would be hanging out and chatting together a lot, because we're all not familiar with our new surroundings, and familiar faces are comforting. But at the same time, I'm making new friends in my classes and dorms, and I guess after a while it gets hard to juggle between the two.

Just two cents from a guy who's just left high school not too long ago.
The majority of my highschool friends now go to the same university as me, so that's nice. I've met a lot of new people though, and that's nice too. It's hard to stick with the exact same people forever.
eh, I only kept 3 of my closest friends after I went to university. Then when I went to grad school they all sort of disappeared.
I am i n high school also. I have 2 really close friends
High school mates are the last "pure" friends you can have in your life time (though there are exceptions). It is not a good thing to cut all the relations with them... I still keep in tough with many of them and we meet annually when possible.
I didn't have any great friends in highschool, but we thought we were best, best friends at the time.... we stayed close for a few years, we even travelled together and I caught upw ith a few others over seas, then we all split, not drastically, not in a huge fight, we just all grew apart, we still say hi in the street, but I have other friends now who know me better.... the thing is everyone changes and moves and gets to know other people, if you stay close then its great, but most people in your life come and go, through moving, through changing, through death, its just the way things are....
its not bad...
im in2 my 3rd yr outa high skool and i still keep in touch with at least 7 ppl on a regularish basis. however 1 of them isnt speakin 2 me atm, but thats a different story. fact is is that sum friends u will lose, but in the process ull make new 1s too. just accept it and go with it, if it happens Very Happy
well... There were few people from my high school that still in touch with me, actually we makes a mailing list, so we can touch each other, moreover there is a web forum from our high school website ^^
Pikokola wrote:
well... There were few people from my high school that still in touch with me, actually we makes a mailing list, so we can touch each other, moreover there is a web forum from our high school website ^^

I always wanted to create one from our school . . .
All my friends came and go. I can't really keep a friend that long. Sometimes it gets frustrating when I don't agree with my friends, so I kind of do the horrible ordeal of ignoring them and never speaking to them again. However, the friends I had back in my hometown in high school are still kept in contact with even though I live almost 4 states away.

So which ever, I guess you could say I'm a "yes" that I do keep in touch with old friends, but it's most likely a sort of this and that situation.
High school friends will still in the heart .. you may couldn't see all of them always .. but if you see them you will remember the days that you spend them togethar .. every one get new friends every day ..
As many of the people have said before me, I think that the friends you make, or at least stick around with, in high school and beyond stay with you the longest. I used to have a few close friends from elementary and middle school, but I've lost touch with them after freshman year. A few of them managed to find my phone number and contact me, but the problem I came across with most of them was that we had changed, and so had our interests. I've also met a few friends from elementary school in high school, but they don't carry on a conversation longer than a wave if I see them.
I think highschool friends are the friends that will really last, based on my own experience. That also depends on how you socially go with your school community.

Grade School, I don't have much memory of my grade school because I'm already in my college years. At my grade school, I remember a few big boys bullying a puny one. I remembered a lot of 'em being bullied by this lot. I was once a loner when I was in grade school, and whenever those bullies came to me I always fight back.

While in high school, I don't have that much friends at first. I remember that I was a stranger in the school and the only one I know is the guy from my earlier school. But as I grew, I knew a lot of good guys and we always depend on each other ever since.

Now that all of us are college dudes, fate separated us. But we're still good friends and still meeting each other and talking about our high school days. Laughing
I'm in my first year of college. My roommate is my best friend, who I met in 5th grade.

I still talk with most of my high school friends, through AIM and Facebook. I'm still in touch with one of my friends who moved to Florida in 10th grade. Every now and then we all get together for stuff.

I've made one or two friends in college, but I still value my high school friendships a lot.
Wow. I really have a lot of memories. I don't really know why, but I'm VERY picky with friends... I mean, I get few friends, but when you're officially a close friend, I'd treasure you all the way. Smile

And it's also a weird thing since I'm a "Math guy". And I never had a REALLY CLOSE friend who's as addicted in Math. Smile
I was unfortunate enough to have needed to transfer school midway through high school. I did have a circle of friends in my old school (where I had been studying since grade school) and of course I also found new friends in my then-new school.

However, because of the transfer, I don't really have a closed set of friends from high school. Now, I only constantly talk to one friend from my old high school -- my best friend since freshman year, and one friend from the school I transferred to. My best friend still gets together with our friends from school until now, so I guess that's a good thing. I, on the other hand, have grown too far apart from them, especially since I was the only one who was able to get into the state university. Our principles and way of life have really drifted from each other.

Once you start working, I guess it really becomes so much harder to keep in touch with people. Good thing there are birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays -- we get opportunities to still see old friends. Smile
I graduated 13 years ago and I keep in touch with 2 on a regular basis. 2 more on a not so regular basis.
guissmo wrote:
So, just a survey, how many of you still have your highschool friends on your schedule (as in you do stuff together) or you keep in touch with them? Smile

I have unfortunately lost touch with my friends from high school. I've moved....many, many times, from Memphis to Nashville...another place in I'm in Kentucky...Anyway, I've had like 8 phone numbers. No one is going to have the slightest idea how to get in touch with me.

I miss them. :'(
it's most possible to meet your most sincere and close friend in your whole life at your hignschool age
i m in touch of my high school frnds... most of them.. some through net, some through phones... bt i still talk to most of them
well... after we graduate, i have close friends whom we still keep in touch and have outings till now.. the bond we created is so closed that everyweek, we looking forward for a fun week together..
Ghost Rider103
Like many others said, you will still keep in touch with most of them, but will probally not hang out with them as much as you used to.
I find that time is short and keeping in touch with my highschool friends is difficult. However, with the brilliant internet you can always email, or occasionally chat on MSN. But I know that a lot of the time my MSN is just idling whilst I don't really feel like chatting to any but my closest of friends.

I think the very first reply was bang on. You keep the close friends, lose the others... and then you meet more when you move to your next stage of life.

Highschool is a gong show. It's worth plenty educationally, but not that much socially and it's not the be all and end all.
with me there were afew friends iused to stayintuch with but now i lost tuch with all but one friend though i made one or two friends that are atending the same high school i went to. but incollege i have not reallymade many friends at all
Everybody says that. "We'll keep in touch". Very rarely does that statement hold up as true, however. I hope it does for me, but alas... Shocked
I have 8 close friends in high school and I'm still seeing them now even if I'm a 50-minute plane ride away from them. Well, one of us is a sea man so we don't see him very often. Aside from that, all the other 7 are always present when I come home in our province. We've been friends for 10 years now, and we still are, even if we don't get to see each other very often unlike in our high school days.

Man, I miss those days.. I miss those guys.
I had several really close friends while I was in high school. That was the best time of my life, I miss it so much.
Anyway, after high school my friends and I tried to stay in contact. We were hearing from each other very often, we went to concerts together… But years have done something to all of us – we’ve chosen different way to go in future. Most of my friends from high school even don’t live close to my town, I can hear from them only over phone or internet. And that is not the same! When you finally meet live the person you knew so good, you realize that you have to get to know him all over again because time changed all of us.
We are still friends and I’m sure I can count on them whenever I need them, just as they can count on me, too. But we are not so close anymore. We can’t hear from each other often, we don’t know everything about what’s happening in our lives… Sad
I guess you just have to do what you can to keep people you love and be ready to accept new best friends…
You'll probably only stay in touch with some of them. Depends on how much you try to stay friends. I have a bunch of friends that went to the same college as me and some of them I don't talk to as much, but that's kind of because they've changed. You'll probably still be friends with the people you are closest to though.
high school friends. there a few i would like to get in touch with. some i know thier houses. i must make it a point to visit them. i miss them alot. sometimes i go for programs and i meet some of them, some times i see them by road getting ready for a day at work. we were very close way back in school. the bond is still there i sense it anytime we meet. we were in singing group. its a great feeling i get anytime i think about them.
My best friends in high school are the ones closest to me. they are still the best of my friends. we don't really get to meet each other often because we go to different universities. but we keep in touch as much as possible. I am closer to them than the ones I am with in college. they know me more than anyone.
The internet is the best way, especially Facebook.

Not myspace though. Smile
Most of my close friends are my classmate. Your friends in your school will be your friends in your life .
I emigrated a few years after my graduation. I still have a couple of friends from University whom I am in e-mail contact with, but have lost touch with all my friends at school.
I'm a senior entering college next year. I don't know if i should go for a roommate that ive known for many years. Almost ten actaully. We met in elementary school and he transferred to another school upon entering 5th grade. then we don't talk as much but still stayed in touch. A couple of months ago, i found out that he was going to the same college i am going to. It would be awesome spending the next four years with him again, but i want to go out and meet new people and not force myself to stick together with friends i already have and limit my exposure to those who i dont yet know. Also, i feel like i know my friend too well. well enough that any small incident can ignite a furious outrage between the two of us. However, there's always the fear of ending up with a roomate who you just can't deal with. Any advice? i just graduated a couple of days ago. High school seems so far away now. I wonder what will happen to my high school friends in a few years
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