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student job for holidays

After I bought a nice laptop this month I'm looking for a job I can do during summer break. I'm 17 and in high school. In Germany it is not unusual for teenagers to work at a factory for a month during their holidays and earn a lot of money.
Does anybody here have experiences with something like that? How did you find your job? How does it work in other countries? Share your view!
That sounds like a great idea - go for it! I live in south africa and things are different here. But I hear that in Europe you can make a lot of money doing labour related tasks that no-one else wants to do. Take advantage of that and make the money. Holidays end up being too long anyway!
I used to work with phonesales. Not so good payd if u werent good, but if you can manage it it's great payd work Smile
go for it mate. Getting a part time job was the greatest thing i ever did. Infact, i just got home from work, feeling tired as. But i can now afford my Wii. Yay!!! ! more shift
You can do a paid internship some where or u can also do some part time jobs voluntary jobs in educational fairs and other fairs of the same kind.
I'm at university and did programming work during the summer after my first year. It was a lot of fun. I suggest deciding what you want to do in univeristy and then applying for jobs in the relevant field. if say, power plant engineers know you want to study engineering at university, they will be more enthusiastic in giving you a job, which you will also enjoy!
I'd really like to get some job with computers and/or programming, but I guess this kind of job is pretty hard to find for an "unqualified" student only working a couple of weeks. I think that working will be an interesting experience - and if i don't like it I'll be gone after a month anyway Smile
but life experience is enhanced by meeting lots of different people anyway. I have worked in plenty of factories in my time. Met some unlikely heroes and some abject horrible people. Thoose places in england are a breeding ground for poorly educated and ignorant poeple who still have very predujiced and outdated views. However it is valuable to meet people like this so you have a more real understanding of the kinds of people there are in your country.
i find that the best job to do is labor... it sucks when you work but you get paid decent, it gets a little excersize, and it's a good experience. so i'd say anything in labor.... you can also try working in a shop. i've done that and it's extremely boring. i used to make money tutoring... find someone who needs help in math/science/whatever and tutor them...
Cutco is everywhere. They are a great company to work for. You sell to people that you know, and you make alot of money. They advertise all over Http:// sites and are always looking for people to work for them. Great part time work and great pay!

Since I was a student a new world opened for me: the university. And not only as a place to learn, but also as a place to earn money. I worked 12 ours a week as assistent for various researches.
Also, I worked as a research-coordinator for the institute that was incorporated within our faculty.
This was nice, good-paying and interesting because it was a nice practising environment for what I was studying.
I'm a student also and I'm working at starbucks part-time. I only go to school in the morning because my aftern consists of spares. Although it feels like I hardly go to school, working makes up for it. I want to save up for summer though and maybe work a little on the side.
factory jobs is coo, good luck man! hope you get it. i remember in hs i was always lookign for ways to make money. i suggest facotry line jobs that would be good! costco is awesome to make good money too!
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