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How to create a login on Dreamweaver 8

Ok, here is the story. I already created a webpage but i need some faqs on how add user authentication. I need to know how to do it and how to make sure it is safe and no one will try to hack into it. Thank you so much for helping me out.

Moving this into the "Design Tips" forum.
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There is the php option on dreamweaver... but that's... really hard to do becuase you have to link up databases ...

Best thing to do... is to actually learn the language and hand code it.

Go learn some php, and some mySQL~

Have fun, it's gonna take a while. OR you could use an existing program of java or some type of code already made for that, but sometimes code costs money. Go google and search it. It's usually gonna be something related to databases, so it's going to take lots of work.
hmmm do you have to learn php to create a login? i dont think u need php to create a login, what i do is just do the dreamweaver tutorial to do a login...
If you have access to cPanel, and the site is hosted on a Linux server, you can password protect a folder and it is pretty easy. It has been awhile, but I think there is an option to protect directory or something like that in cPanel. You also have to set up a mySQL table too so that you can give access to your users.
Using a .htacces file to cover up folders with password and user. But if I were you I would use php to do the trick.
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