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How To Get High Rank in Google?

Any tips to get high rank in Google Search Engine?

Please tips link, e-book, script, etc.

Thanks a lot.

Thats my site, you might wanna take a look at it.
There is an interesting article about Google's algorithm “Ranking high at Google – A Promotion Guide” at

Tips 'n' tricks, submission, listing and ranking can be found at, and an article “Key Factors To Achieve High Google Ranking” at
these are some tips

First submit your site to the directories also, not only the search engine.

Then you try to have those good PR sites link to you. By doing so, you may considering write some articles (many many articles in fact) and submit these articles to articles directories.

You have to find any creativity idea to make other people link to you. Give them some benefit linking to you.

However avoid spamming your links on forums and blogs.

Having the links back to your site is not just the link itself, it also about the quality of the link, and of course the PR of the site.

For example, a text link alone is less quality than a link blended in an article that you write it making it relevant to the text in the link.

Hope this help....Smile
Ha I have given up on google. It seems too much work to get a decent ranking on google. Yahoo on the other hand seems easy... I seem to have gotten to various rankings of No.1 to No.4 for my preferred search terms on yahoo search simply by using the same words over and over whenever it could be suitably used. For google, it seems that backlinks is a key aspect and it is simply a load of work to be done to get up the rankings. Not worth the effort in most cases I think.
submit it go high pagerank links
Well from what Ive read in the past its crucial to have lots of refferal links. Its also to have content that the google bot can index. So about 100 pages of quality content and 40 quality links later youll have significantly increased your pagerank.

Content is the easy part. When I say quality links, I mean sites that are indexed by google and have a page rank higher then yours(this is debateable but links on sites are not indexed or have relatively no traffic are unlikely to boost your own page rank).

Also make sure that your robots.txt is setup correctly and that your pages are validated (free of errors), complies to accessibilty standards, and make sure that each of your pages are titled different.
Basically do what is logical....Make a site specialised in a certain topic...then fill it with good articles so that visitors will come.... Update it regularly....and submit it to website directories.....

Link exchanges can also increase the visibility of your site in search engines so that more people are likely to come to your site. And the number of people liking to you is important in getting a higher page rank.
Maybe is not the most important , but I have this in mind when I saw the topic.
It will get you more visitors if you have a guestbook, forum, tell a friend section, lottery of some kind, free stuff and a newsletter with shared articles.
My main advice would be to use the META tags properly.
Then, advertise your site.
Keep good content.
Hi heridlia,
As per your requirement, I would like to recommend you the following website where you can get some valuable tips and that will definitely help you to get high ranking in Google SERPs.
You'll need to do some thorough on-page and off-page SEO. Here's a rundown of some on-page SEO techniques:

1) Build a site with lots of good content.

2) Put the keywords you want to rank high for in the <title> tags. Use both primary and secondary keywords. Make sure your primary keywords appear at the VERY BEGINNING of the <title> tag.

3) Put your keywords in the META description tag along with a good unique, eye-catching description to increase click throughs. Personally, I think Google rewards sites/pages that have a higher click through rate in the SERPS (admittedly speculation).

4) Put your keywords in the META keywords tag. (Don't waste too much time on this. This is just for posterity.)

5) Put your keywords in your <H1> tags. You should really have only one set of <H1> tags.

6) Try to use your primary keyword in the first sentence on the page.

7) Sprinkle your keywords once or twice throughout the content of the page. Forget about keyword stuffing. It makes you look lame and has little effect these days. You're much better off injecting your content with several variations of your keyword. e.g. if your keyword is 'blue widget' use 'blue widgeting', 'color widgets', 'widget making', etc. Never focus on just one keyword. Each web page you make is a gold mine of opportunity. Don't waste it. More than half of all search queries made each month are entirely unique and never repeated.

8) Repeat your primary keyword near the end of the page.

9) Use your primary keyword in every on-site link pointing to the page.

Also, if your domain name is new, be prepared to wait 6 months to a year to start getting good rankings in Google for competitive keywords (research 'Google sandbox' for more info on that).
Follow these steps:
1, Put the keyword in your page title;
2, Put the keyword in the keywords Meta tag;
3, Have the keyword in a H1, H2 and H3 title in another expression, for example, "The best Art Gallery";
4, Have the keyword a number of times in the text, especially in the first sentence;
5, Have the keyword in a link to another page in your site which links back to your front page;
6, Have an RSS feed on your page for that particular keyword so that your page will be up-dated daily;
7, Get links, from other sites, to your site, with the keyword in the link text.

I think we should consider getting the keywords that the people really type on google.

We can use worldtracker or other service.

We don't have to be on top of the general keywords, for example "football". I think we should focus on "football xxx xxxx".

What I mean is try to put more than one word phrase on your website.

This way will gain more traffic and the traffic will be targeted.

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Need some tips
back link is the best
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