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Anime and Gaming Convention

First and foremost...Not sure if this goes here, but I think this is the best place for it. If it should be moved, feel free to move it.

Now, onto the purpose of posting this. This site was found just for the purpose of the local community college doing a convention devoted to anime and gaming. This is being held at Central New York area. We have a lot of things going on and I am just trying to get the word out.

I would also like to know if anyone has ever been to any conventions and could offer us any help. There have been a few people that have been helping us that have gone to various conventions, but I was hoping for some more outside sources.

Any and all information would be very welcome. Thank you.

And you can even give us advice on our site and forums. Thank you once again for your time.

Hi there,

Damn, I wish i had one of this conventions near me or even in my country. I tried once to organize a little convention at my university but didn't have much acceptance by the majority of the people.

I think there are some key points that should be present in a convention of this type, Always airing anime, Booths with anime/manga related stuff, seminar about anime / manga and its influence on the world (you never know when an enterprise is peeking around and decides to invest on this).

A very important thing is publicy. It«s never too much.

Stay Cool.
Ah, if you were closer to me, I'd go to your con. I'm always looking for more to go to! I actually went to the first year of a convention in central Illinois (Pokettokon in Peoria), and I think they had some good things going.

Make sure you have at least two anime viewing rooms, and try to have some stuff that's dubbed and some that's subtitled, to appeal to people who like both. Also, try to get together some interesting discussion panels on anything you can think of related to anime (Pokettokon even had a Ninjas vs. Pirates panel).

Also, something I'd check into... See if there's a comic or anime shop or something in your area that would be willing to set up a booth and sell things at the convention. That was one thing that Pokettokon was sorely lacking - I missed there being a nice dealer's room like you see at larger conventions.
Yeah we have one local dealer we know really well. We have an online dealer and possible a few more from local that are selling anything from sculptures, necelaces, and odd ball stuff like that.

I think we are going to have anywhere from two to four rooms to view. We got rights from ADV Films, Funimation, and Geneon to view their things. I think one room a piece with a few that will be devoted to the big time animes (i.e. DBZ, Naruto, etc.).

Our special guests range from a card artist for Warlord, L5R, and a few other games. A comedian. A few local bands. We are trying to get some others, but guests require money. We are trying to run more tournaments and get more prizes for them.

Thanks for the time. I know the seminars are going to be few and far between, but I really like the idea of the Anime influence and the Pirate vs. Ninja one. I love to have just funny stuff. Thanks for the help guys. Feel free to come over to the forums and help us liven them up...seeing as how they just got started and not many people are posting just yet.

Sounds like you've got a great start, and some good things planned for your convention. Very Happy It does make me wish I could go, but that's a bit far to travel for me.
This is true. We are hoping for it to take off. Get a bit bigger with each year. Maybe it will be a medium sized convention and then it will be worth the drive. We can dream.

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