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Aproblem .... Need help ?

I have a problem in accessing some sites on the net

when I try to access it redirects me to another site

which is

So I can't access my mail through that address but through

Is there any explanation .

What is the problem ?

How can I solve it

thank you
It seems like you have some sites added to your hostsfile. You can find this file in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

If you open this file there should be about 15 or 16 lines starting with an # and one line localhost.
Below this you will probably find something like (and maybe more common sites)
All these lines can be safely removed. If you doubt: first make a copy of the hosts file.
The hosts file should normally be empty exept for the remark (#) lines and the localhost line.
I googled for you for 'yahoo newshot' and found that this could be the problem. You can also read about it here.
Those lines can be placed in your hostsfile by a virus or by spyware so it's important you install some kind of virusscanner and / or anti-spyware software.

Good luck!
The file in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
was empty

But I find this file

which included only the following :

I made a backup and I will try delete the content of this file .

I run spyware doctor program many times and I scanned my computer many times but the problem was still exist because the result of scanning was the failure to delete some bad spywares which I do expect that they are the reason of this problem.

Shall I format my hard drive or still there is any solution else .

Thank you
This sounds like a case of bad spyware to me. Has your computer recently slowed town? Strange popups?

I would download a free program called Adaware SE ( and run it and remove everything it finds. I also recommend another free program called Spybot Search and Destroy ( to remove anything that may be left over. If these don't solve your problem it could be virus related. My best suggestion to you if that is the case is to try another free program called Stinger ( to remove any particularly nasty viruses you may have hiding in there.

If none of those help, your only solution may be to download a Linux LiveCD, save you data to a CD or external hard drive or flash drive, reinstall Windows, and copy your data back on to it. Or you just install Linux and never have any other computer problems relating to spyware or viruses. (Linux isn't for everyone though, it still has some issues being too technically complicated for some users, but that will be corrected soon)

If you have the money, next time you purchase a computer, you may want to purchase a Mac. (The commercials don't like, no spyware or viruses.)

Best of luck

Thank you very very much


It is really very kind of you to send all these important informations .

I will follow all your instructions and I hope I get red of this problem .

I will return back to tell you the result

All my thanks to your blessed efforts
You can even delete the hosts file. For the average user there is no purpose for it anyway except to cause headaches when some piece of malware writes redirects in there.
I Reccomend downloading ccleaner from:, spybot search and destroy: (install default settings only), and counterspy trial edition: install and update fully.

Then hijack this:

Then start your PC in safe mode and run CCleaner (Don't change any settings) then Spybot S&D, followed By Counter spy.


This Should clear your system of 99.9% of your malware.

if you are still experiencing problems then please run Hijack this and post the log file

Hope That This Helps
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