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My site


I just redesigned it. It will mainly become a showcase of my works for when I apply for a job, unless I decide otherwise in the future.

The page looks good in any res; the logo scales using only tables. There is no css or php involved, only some fancy tables and a bit too much spare time.
I like it! It looks very simple and clean. Some people tend to put too much on one page and the way they layout some of their content looks very cluttered. This is definitely not the case in your site. I really like the articles section - very informative! Wink
Yes, I also like it. I like the sleek black look too it. Nice header. It's maybe to boring, however. It needs some animation in the somewhere. This is just my opinion though, lol.
But still, lookin' good...
The site has a very clean appearance. Looks very nice.

But going under the hood, brings up a few questions.

Did you use an wysiwyg editor? Because the code is VERY clean html wise. If hand coded, it shows incredible discipline!

Table based layouts are on the way out. Start getting ready for it. Learn CSS and div placement.

Add a doctype descriptor for the validators out there.

Otherwise, awesome appearance!
All handwritten. Notepad only.

I am old-school Very Happy

doctype descriptor? What is that?

I may learn CSS in the near future, but I really don't need it yet.

I am still working on content, I am short on time right now though (college is a lot of work)
Captain Fertile
Great job especially when you say you coded it in Notepad (I remeber doing that too for a long time until I discovered DreamWeaver).

The site needs a lot more conbtent but what there is there is good.

Thanks for sharing. Smile
Very nice. I just loved the Counter Strike's maps. Thanks
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