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Getting a great dane

Im getting a great dane, and wondered if anyone out ther has any experience with this breed.
The care and raising of a Great Dane all depends on what age you are getting it at. Is it a puppy?
Captain Fertile
Oh my lord, I would so love to have one of those dogs but I am realsitc and know I could never care for it as much as it deserved.

I heard once that they cost about the same as a packet of cigarettes a day to look after (I live in the UK so you are taking about 5+ per day).

But its more the fact that they need so much space, they would cramp our faily of 5 in most houses we have lived in.

Good luck though and keep us posted if you go ahead with this. I would love to find out how you find the experience.
I have some friends that had Great Danes for years.
I knew 4 of them.
Great dogs.
They eat and poop like horses.
I think they went through a 50# bag of dog food a week each,
and of course deposited that much in the yard each week too.

Be sure the parents have had their hips checked.
They are very susceptible to hip problems.
And they have a short life span due to being so big.
I think the average life span is only 8 years old.
Some will reach 10-12 years, and others will only last 5-6.
Its great that u are bringing a dane,but see that you are taking great care .Its nice if you are having it as a small puppy .my friend too had a middleone but he failed in taking care of it his parents were on oppose .so at the end he departed it to animal rescue.see that you are giving it time to cater to its need
my friend did that. but seems fail to do so
Danes tend to have problems in puppy age, especially concerning their fast growth, as the ligaments of the legs are weak and easy to damage. The puppy will need quite much sun and vitamins to prevent arcuations. Elderly danes also require much attention to their externities, HD and arthritis are very often among them.
Are you going to show the dog?
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