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Points/Coins/FRIH$ FAQ

Welcome to the official FRIH$ and Points FAQ!


Q. What are points? What are they used for?
A. Points are what you get for every post you make on the Frihost Forums. They're used to determine how active you are/have been on Frihost. They're also a form of payment for your hosting. We deduct a fixed number of points per day if you're hosted by us.

Q. How many points do I lose per day for my hosting?
A. As of current Frihost policy, points are deducted at the rate of 1 point per day.

Q. If I'm going away for a while, can you suspend my site and stop the point deduction?
A. No. If you're not going for more than 45 days, try bringing up your points to 45 before you leave. If you think you're going to be going away for a few months, your only other option is to have your hosting account removed, and then make a new hosting request once you return.

Q. What is the maximum number of points I can have per day?
A. In one day, you may be able to make upto 90-100 points. However, if your total number of points is greater than 45, it will automatically be reduced to 45 everyday. Basically, at the end of each day, you will not have more than 45 points. Every point above 45 is changed into coins.

Q. Can I have negative points? What happens then?
A. If you are hosted by us, it's possible that you may end up with negative points if you're not active enough. The consequence is that if you go into the negatives, you stand a chance of losing your hosting with us. Try to keep your points above 0.

Q. Can I transfer/give points to someone else?
A. No, you can't.

Q. Where can I see my points/FRIH$?
A. Go to any post of yours. You will be able to see them under your avatar. You can also see them on your Account page.

Q. I got a weird floating point value for my points! (eg: 2.454443235443)
A. Don't worry, it's rounded off to 2 digits after the decimal point.

Q. What is the maximum number of points I can make per post?
A. Currently, you can make upto 5 points (and FRIH$) per post, based on the length of your post. However, I urge you to use caution while trying to get maximum points. Points abuse is taken seriously and could get you banned.


Q. What are coins? What are they used for?
Coins are a new currency on Frihost. They can be used to get a free domain from us. Other uses are planned too.

Q. How do you earn coins?
To earn coins, you need to get over 45 points. Each day all the points over 45 are used to calculate the coins you earned that day. For the calculation, a power is used (which is subject to change). The more points you earned above 45, the more coins you'll get at the end of the day. Spreading your posts over several days will also get you more coins in total (getting to 60 points in one day will earn you less coins than getting to 48 during 5 days).


Q. What are FRIH$? What are they used for?
A. FRIH$ are like points, but you can use them to trade things in the Marketplace forum or simply give them to someone whose post you liked. You can also use them to place a bid in the Frihsot Directory. The more you bid, the higher your site appears in the directory. It is no longer possible to earn FRIH$ by posting.

Q. How many FRIH$ do I lose per day for my hosting?
A. None! Sweet, huh? Wink

Q. What is the maximum number of FRIH$ I can have?
A. Your FRIH$ are not reset everyday (unlike points). So, if you have 500 FRIH$ today, and you don't login for a few days, rest assured that your FRIH$ are likely to remain 500 Smile (although your points may change, if you are hosted by us)

Q. Can I have negative FRIH$? What happens then?
A. You can't have negative FRIH$. You can only donate as many FRIH$ as you have to someone else, not more than that.

Q. Can I transfer/give FRIH$ to someone else?
A. Yes you can. In each post, under the avatar, you will see a link called "Donate", which allows you to give/transfer/donate FRIH$ to that user.

Q. I got a weird floating point value for my FRIH$! (eg: 2.454443235443)
A. You get as many FRIH$ for one post as points. And obviously, these are rounded off to 2 digits after the decimal point too.

Q. What is the maximum number of FRIH$ I can make per post?
A. None. It is no longer possible to earn FRIH$ by posting.

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